The Big Girl's Guide to Buying Lingerie by Amie Stuart

by Kristen D · Apr 24th, 2017
The Big Girl's Guide to Buying Lingerie by Amie Stuart

Y’all I wanted to love this book so much. So, so much. And yet, no. There was too much going on and it all ended up feeling like a caricature instead of characters. This version of Texas completely exists, and I sure these people populate it, but it all just felt… off.

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Additionally, I am picky when it comes to my plus-sized heroines. I’m tired of her weight being central to the story and Jade’s weight was 75% of her character. It drove her fractured relationship with her family, her sense of self-worth, her reason for being online in the first place. I buy that it would be central to her sexual relationship (her body has changed, she’s still getting used to it, etc.) but it only added to making her mother an unreasonable villain which added to the feeling of caricature.

Rowdy was also a walking cartoon character a few times - even though it was his put-on persona.

There are a lot of parts of this that are charming and that I can see folks really enjoying. It’s frothy and fun and could be a good plane/beach/vacation read. Just didn’t work for me.

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