The Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley

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by Marie · 29 Jan 2016
The Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley

Wow! I have to agree with a lot of my fellow KA fans. This one was definitely of my favorites! Such an amazing story, and I was totally hooked right from the start. Imagine going to sleep at night in your warm bed and waking up to a literal nightmare. You don't know where you are, you're locked up in a pen with other women, and the words that you hear are unlike any language you've ever heard. That's how we start, or shall we say Circe, the main lady starts out in the book.

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In a parallel universe, Circe awakens right before the ritual of the Wife Hunt. The primitive Korwahk tribe does this every two years. The women are paraded in front of the warriors, and then if you are captured, you become their wife. With Circe's fair skin and blonde hair, she has caught the attention of Dax Lahn, King of the Korwahk Horde and is taken by hime to be his queen.

Everything is new for her. The culture, the language, the people...everything. And let me tell you, she is in for quite the culture shock as this tribe is very patriarchal and all about war, honor and so on. Thank goodness she has befriended someone who knows English and is able to help guide Circe into her new role.

As you can imagine, it's not all smooth sailing for the couple as they learn about one another. And let me tell you, the main dude is awesome but also awesomely flawed. Yet also really, really hot! There's no way you can NOT fall for the King! A freaking hot as hell warrior, riding on his horse, commanding armies, sitting on his throne being a badass SOB, who comes home and is all sexy, sweet, and...primal. And Circe is cool as well, as KA heroines usually are, finding her stride in the new circumstances soon enough. All in all, a very recommended read for all who don't mind heroes who start out quite horrible, but then redeem themselves.

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