Highlander's Stolen Wife by Alisa Adams

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by Tarenn98 · 05 Feb 2018
Highlander's Stolen Wife by Alisa Adams

Alisa Adams did a wonderful job bringing the characters to life. Her descriptions of the Scottish countryside was fantastic, and the plot flows seamlessly. However,

I felt as if, at times, she had too much detail concerning minor things, especially if you are an avid Scottish reader, however, I feel it was necessary to draw readers into the story, otherwise, an awesome read. I enjoyed watching the characters grow, their romance blossom and the way the clan stuck together through one's hardship.

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Filled with romance, a sweet passion, danger, turmoil and a HEA, everything one enjoys about Scottish Romance. Oh, and the villain was a nasty old English Lord.

Fast paced, well written and well worth the time to savor and enjoy.

Entertaining, compelling and intriguing! Can't wait to read more from this amazing storyteller.

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