The Rush by Rachel Higginson

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by Eljoneswilder · Mar 2nd, 2018
The Rush by Rachel Higginson

Oh. WOW. I mean WOW.

On reading about four pages I was instantly hooked on this story. There are so many ways that this is perfectly written. Let me count the ways.

There’s no mention of what she actually is until way later in the book. All we get are her thoughts & feelings at this moment & slowly we can piece together what happened with Sam, who & what she is & what’s expected of her. I loved learning in this way.

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The characters are incredible; the good, the dark & the comic relief are so well written. Ivy is strong but so broken, Ryder is a breath of fresh air, Nix is just so creepy, like skin crawlingly creepy & Phoenix is loveable & funny, I even liked Kenna, there was just something so real about her.

The atmosphere of this story was intense & relentless. It was a mash-up of almost suffocating sexual tension & deep sadness over what Ivy’s life is. Then there’s that whole situation with Taylor which is just horrifying & disgusting. The author did not pull any punches.

I completely loved this book & can’t wait to read the next one.

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