The Wicked Wyckerly by Patricia Rice

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by Tarenn98 · May 14th, 2018
The Wicked Wyckerly by Patricia Rice

An absolute delight to read "Wicked Wyckerly" (Rebellious Sons Historical Romance Series, #1) by Patricia Rice. Promises to be a simply delightful series. A blend of humor, suspense, romance and charm makes a terrific blend with romance and a bit of danger added into the mix for a page turning adventure.

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I enjoyed watching the h/h come to terms with their circumstances and move forward. The heroine was brave, smart, and determined to regain the guardianship of her siblings. The hero needed a heiress to help rejuvenate his bankrupt estate. He never expected to meet our heroine, nor her him.

Powerful, and compelling, with witty banter and the power of love, brings forth an amazing story. Well written with well developed and charming characters. The storyline definitely draw my interest and admiration for the characters. Masterfully written. Can't wait to read book 2 in this impressive series.

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