Plot Twist by K.L. Montgomery

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by Eawalsh · 19 Aug 2018
Plot Twist by K.L. Montgomery

Plot Twist (Romance in Rehoboth #3) by K.L. Montgomery was feel good read, that puts a spin on the normal romance female MC.

Not my first read by this author or this series and, I'm going to tell you that this is fast being one of my the favourite of the year. It has a solid mix of entertaining and witty dialogue, with body positive messages, that makes this series more then just your run of the mill rom-com.

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Lindy, she is our female MC. She isn't your normal female protagonist, for one, she's plus size, two, she isn't the so called "natural beauty" that makes every man or woman, in the room turn their heads. She's a realistic character, that fits with what normal woman, look like and feel. I have seen some stunning woman in my life, and never had I seen the goddess like creatures that are portrayed in most romance novels. So reading about this normal every day woman, made this book more then enjoyable, but real. Because no matter what movie and TV, and social media wants to make you believe, the big girl can get that hot guy. I have seen it, and it's about time it's reflected in entertainment.

For Lindy as a character she starts out withdrawn and, has accepted her roll as the "sidekick" to her more thinner, "prettier" friends. We get a good look into her inner thoughts and, you start to feel a real connection with her; and for me, you start to get protective. As the story moves on and she is pretty much forced out of her comfort zone, we see that fiery woman that has always been inside, and that had been damper by "social norms" that plus size people aren lesser, and lazy. Lindy found her inner diva, and I was rooting for her and ecstatic that she was done with the BS.

Meric, he was a great character as well. Not your typical alpha male character. Actually he wasn't a alpha male at all. He's that hot nerdy guy that always seems to get friend zoned, or ended up with a alpha female type, that used him as a door mat -cough- his ex-wife cough-. Meric also went on a self discovery journey. Building himself back up, and accepting his feelings for not only his dog, but for what he actually wanted in life. It was nice to seem both him and Lindy slowly fall in love, and gain some much needed confidence that was stripped away.

I give this book my stamp of approval and my super high recommendation. This book was a joy to read. K.L. Montgomery has a way with words and a way with story telling that sends out the right messages. These are the books that need to made into movies, to show everyone what it is to be real, and send the message that you don't need to be hollywood perfect to be happy.

Happy Reading

-E.A. Walsh

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