Gambling with the Crown by Lynn Raye Harris

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by Dreamlisy · 10 Sep 2018
Gambling with the Crown by Lynn Raye Harris

This was so nice to read, and everything is so fast passed and happening practically on top of one another, that it was practically impossible to put down when need be. lol

I suggest not reading this right before bed.

The 2 main characters are actually quite wonderful (first time I haven’t had anything bad to say about a male lead), but Emily, omg she has a bit of sass and a temper to match! And oh boy does she let er—Sheikh Kadir have it! After 4 yrs. of not being able to speak her mind, she let’s him know what she really thinks of him, and! Honestly the chemistry was off the charts, the sexy times were really great, and this was my first Harlequin read ever. So well done Harlequin, because of this author, I might start reading your branch of books.

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Oh and I have to be honest that this author has my attention, and I shall be keeping an eye out for her works from now on. Not to mention that I recognized the model/actor on the cover of this book as Nick Bateman who starred in the Passionflix movie The Matchmaker’s Playbook, which if you know nothing about Passionflix, know this at least: it’s a site where the romance books we love are brought to movie form by women, for women, so please check it out! And that’s all I have for this book, read it, fall in love with the author’s writing and her characters, and look up Passionflix!

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