Just Exes by Charity Ferrell

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by Eawalsh · 03 Sep 2018
Just Exes by Charity Ferrell

Just Exes by Charity Ferrell was a infuriating, entertaining, heart string ripping, feel smashing read, that had me engrossed form start to finish.

My first read by this author, I was pulled in right away by the synopsis. The pull only straighten, from the first moment I got my hands on this puzzled, from reading that prologue, and from reading that heart braking line "You will never know"

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I don't even know where to start with this one, get the tissues ready cause this book is full of raw emotions that rips out your heart and stomps on it, repeatedly. At first I was all team Gage's. Screw Lauren and her refusal to tell him why she left him, without a proper explanation. What got me was her pissy attitude towards him, well he did arrest her, but still girl had no right to be such a raving, you know what.

As the story when on, and the deeper I got into both of their heads, I warmed up to Lauren.There is always to sides. And then when that plot bomb was dropped my heart shattered for Gage. When the truth finally came out for why Lauren left like she did, I was pissed at her, but not for the same reasons, talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Love came make people so selfish and do selfish things and not think about what the consequences. There was no black and white here.

And that's where I'm going to lave that review, because to tell you even a ounce about the plot, their character growth, will spoil this outstanding feels destroying read. So please take my super hight recommendation and my stamp of approval that you need this book in your life. Not only will bring tears to your eyes, it will piss you off, make you laugh and, it will some how make you go from hating a MC, to going into full support mode by the end.

Happy Reading

-E.A. Walsh

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