Last Hit by Jessica Clare,Jen Frederick

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by Dreamlisy · Sep 29th, 2018
Last Hit by Jessica Clare, Jen Frederick

This Was An Intriguing Read...

From start to finish, this book had me hooked. It starts out pretty well, Daisy is planning on leaving her father, she does, she starts a new life with a great roommate, you get to see her live life as a broke-mid-20s-gal in this day and age, the struggles of not knowing basic things because of the way she grew up, and her first time with things, like falling in love with Nick who just so happens to be in the middle of a job when he spots her, ;) and is the most dramatic (hit) man I have ever read of, but in a wonderfully caring, and funny way. (and if you listen to the audiobook, it makes it even better because of the accents both narrators do for him. lol) Honestly, a little slow halfway through, but the characters are what really matter and even the most mundane things they do are wonderful to read about.

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Oh! And if you don’t mind a little murder and blood, and light torture at one point, give this book a try!


Towards the end of the book when things get really bad for Daisy, there is serious sexual harassment, sexual assault, and the implication of someone being r@$!#. If you can not handle even one of these, let alone all 3, do not even attempt to read this book. That is all.

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