Ice Planet Barbarians: The Complete Series by Ruby Dixon

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by Dreamlisy · 07 Oct 2018
Ice Planet Barbarians: The Complete Series by Ruby Dixon

Alien sex is kind of the same, accept for the whole cohabitation with a parasite thing. That’s weird, really weird, but interesting, and honestly, I think I want more exploration done of this planet. I got a descent and well flushed out version of this snowy planet, with sexy times sprinkled in, enough that I really want the next few books to paint an even bigger picture of this world. Especially with the history of the natives, omg I hope we explore that more as well.

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The first negative thing I have to say about this series is that—when the sexy times get going, they get going. Luckily the sexy times didn’t over take the book, but towards the end it felt like that was the direction it was heading down, so it was for the best that the story ended where/when it did.

The second negative thing I must point out is that—


in the first few minutes of reading/listening to the audiobook, there is a rape scene described. It is not of the lead, but another poor girl. It was awful and I had to pause the audiobook and wait a full day before coming back to the story.


Other then those 2 negatives, this was a strong first book in a series, with a great big blue alien man who understands consent. Honestly, what else do you need?

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