Bound by Vengeance by Cora Reilly

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by Uzma · Feb 6th, 2019
Bound by Vengeance by Cora Reilly

I believe in quality, I believe in content and at the same time I believe in giving someone a chance.

That’s what I did with this book. Out of all the Blood Mafia books, this was the one I was most excited about; I was excited about the heroine who’d have to conquer her fear and captivity and melt a heart of a monster. I was even more excited for the hero, who deemed as cruel, never in his life thought that he’d deserve something as precious as the heroine. Both misunderstood, but both showing their grit.

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And then after delays and delays, the book finally got published, and I went in to reading the reviews first and felt dismayed at seeing mostly 3 stars or less. But I had read Cora before and having followed her for a while now, knew that there was stuff she had to take care of, everyone has their highs and lows, same way all us other, normal humans have. So I went in and guess what, even with all the typos and all the irregularities, I loved the book. I loved the raw-ness in it. I loved Cora’s persistence and her strength, I loved Growl’s boyish acts and him getting accustomed to emotions after having gone through the roughest and most brutal ordeals, a kid could go through.

I usually take Mafia books a bit lightly, seeing how they are far from real life, but this one had more grit to it. And that’s how it actually became my most favorite of all the Blood Mafia books, toppling Bound By Duty to second spot :P.

Update: Cora has updated the ebook version (I have the kindle copy of it) and it can be bought/updated for free, it’s been well edited and has even got an epilogue.

Happy Reading People.

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