Twisted Pride by Cora Reilly

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by Uzma · 27 Apr 2019
Twisted Pride by Cora Reilly

I have lost count of the books which I have read that have been written by Cora Reilly. I remember stumbling upon Bound by Honor when I had recently started venturing in to the new adult genre. I found her books to be a perfect blend of angst and romance, second chances and sassy heroines making the bad boys get on their knees.

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Twisted Pride has everything that a Cora Reilly book should have. I couldn’t put the book down.

As always, I’d start off with the positives:

The book stands by its name, two people who take pride in who they are, their strengths, their weaknesses, their rounded personalities and their sharp edges, their banter and their confessions are brought together by fate, or kidnapping in this case.

A haughty mafia princess and an emotionally unstable Capo try to break the other without realizing that in doing so, they are actually breaking the walls they have constructed around their own hearts.

The book sort of reminded me of Pride and Prejudice in a very loose, very otherworldly sense.

Fina, as I like to call her now, is an Ice Princess, restrained and proper, doing what she’s told to do and accepting things as they are but deep down, she’s not that proper and she’s cold, but wait till you threaten the ones she loves, she’d go to hell and back to protect the ones she loves.

Remo on the other hand, is a ball of unbridled emotions, raw and tough, “you get what you see” sort, heartless or so it seems, but he too, will go through every hardship, every torture to protect and safeguard those who are close to his heart. Now what happens when they both come face to face?

The book was well written, the twists and turns placed at the right spots. Some scenes pulled at my heartstrings, some made me laugh out loud, like when Fina tells Remo that she’s sorry that she wasted the pumpkin soup but “I’m not sorry for throwing it at your brother. I’m sorry I missed though. You can tell him that”. Poor Savio.

Similarly, I simply love when [ the heroine gets pregnant and for the longest time since Cora had hinted at Remo’s book, I wanted him to end up being a dad. I wanted him to get Fina pregnant and Lo and Behold! It happens and it’s double the treat ;). (hide spoiler)]

The only thing or things that I didn’t like about the book, were, well I wanted Remo to grovel a bit more (but at the same time I know he did, he wanted to play it fair, he wanted to win Fina’s heart on her own terms) but still I wanted him to show it a bit more. But again, I understand Remo’s mindset and he did grovel and sulk in his own way.

The other thing is something that’s just a personal preference and I’m putting a spoiler tag cuz I don’t wanna ruin anything for other readers, [I can’t stomach anal sex, no matter how it’s written or why, I just can’t. I was actually glad that Remo gave up on it in the end 🙈. But yeah, that doesn’t take away from the story, it’s just, it makes me queasy. (hide spoiler)]

All in all, the book wasn’t what I was expecting, it was the best of the three Camorra books, and I loved Twisted Emotions so much that I didn’t think any other book could top it, but here, I stand corrected.

I’d like to thank Cora Reilly and her team for being so amazing and trusting so as to send me the ARC for “Twisted Pride”. It was a treat to read and review this book.

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