Riding Bearback by Becca Fanning

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by Shyalwayz · 10 Sep 2019
Riding Bearback by Becca Fanning

Jess is running from her former life and trying to start with a clean slate. So she buys a ranch that she has no idea what to do with (plus she doesn't even know how to ride a horse). She realizes she is in way over her head her first day there when everything that could go wrong does. Then Wyatt and this family shows up and help her out and offer to come back the following day to help out and work out an agreement for them to help her out. She agrees to the help not knowing that there is more behind them helping her out. But there is someone lurking in the shadows, to make sure that Jess will never have a moment of peace. Will this person destroy what Jess is trying to rebuild for herself or will Wyatt save her from her past?

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Wyatt is a bear shifter. He finds Jess literally running after her cow trying to round them up in a rainstorm and offers to help her. There is an instant attraction to her and he will do what is necessary to make sure that she is safe and protected. So when her ex-husband, Conrad,a wolf shifter, shows up to destroy her and all that she is trying to do, Wyatt and his clan steps in to help her. Will Wyatt be able to protect her and get rid of the ex-husband before he has a chance to harm Jess?

This book was okay. It was a very quick read. To me there was some missing pieces that could have been added to story to bring it more together. I will be reading the rest of this series just to see how it goes. I also have a couple more books by this author so I will see how it goes with them. I kind of recommend this book to others.

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