Alien Instinct by Tracy Lauren

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by Dreamlisy · 22 Sep 2019
Alien Instinct by Tracy Lauren

Alien Abduction Done Right!...

I have read a good handful of alien books now, and not one has ever hit all the marks of a good alien abduction story. This is a trope that has been through the ringer again and again, and finally! It is done right; the story is great, every character you understand (even if you don’t like them) is unique with their own quirks, and it never felt like they were simply pushed to the side and never seen again, and the world building! Omg the world is amazing, we get to visit quite a few places and explore, it was great! If the rest of this series is like this first book, count me in!

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Everything was on point and I am so happy that this story was as long as it was. It took the time to explain things fully, allowed the reader to get-to-know the characters, and show the world these characters are in. It did tell a lot of info, but it also showed, which balanced it out nicely and is another great difference from other alien abduction stories. I am just so happy with this book, that I can not give a proper review, all I can do is gush about it!

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