The Kraken's Mate by Susan Trombley

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by Dreamlisy · 16 Nov 2019
The Kraken's Mate by Susan Trombley

Heavy On The Emotions

This is all about the feelings and trying to muddle through the trauma that one experiences when being abducted and experimented on, and coming to know which emotions are real, and which are not.

Joanie is a realistic portrait of any one of us women if we were in her situation, she’s strong, not physically but mentally, she survived a great ordeal and got to re-find herself while also falling in love with Nemon. Joanie has a lot of baggage, but with this new start in life, it’s almost like a reset, and you get to see her grow and flourish, where on earth she probably would have ended up dying if not for the abduction, where she just happens to be the 2nd woman to fall in love with a monster alien experiment, which is very convenient....

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Side Note: there is some story going on with the grey aliens, and I Really hope we get to hear about what they know that no one else in the galaxy seems to know....

Nemon is very wonderful in his curiosity of everything around him, and the fact that he has genius level smarts does not hurt. He, just like Thrax (from first book), is a real monster, so don’t be deceived by the pretty face, and while he is a monster, he’s a lovable monster with hearts of gold. ;}

So if you like alien monster books that future actual (lovable) monsters, then you need to pick up this series!

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