Into the Dead Fall by Susan Trombley

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by Dreamlisy · 01 Dec 2019
Into the Dead Fall by Susan Trombley

Lions & Lizards & Great Alien Sex, Oh My!

This book was fun, the main character Alice is a bit much at times, but honestly—who wouldn’t be in her situation? The first part of the book is Alice being unable to communicate with her savior because they are both aliens with different languages (duh). But they are able to work around that with practice, and even though they do not understand one another, they manage to work quite well as a team. So half this book is learning to communicate without language, learning about aliens, how to survive in this new world blabla before a second love interest is introduced and things really start to—heat up 😏 and the book takes a turn into the erotic zone, before melding the two stories together quite nicely.

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Nothing ever felt like it dragged on for too long, the sex didn’t take away from the emotional growth of our 3 mains, and it never became stale or boring to read about the every day things they did. And omg do I need a history book on—Alice’s male’s world. (can not spell their names to save my life) So if you like alien slow burns, with fantastic world building and interesting history tidbits, with good erotica that does not take away from the story, I say you should—Dead Fall your way into this book.

(I had to! Leave me alone!)

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