Taming His Creole Beauty by Ruby Caine

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by Realitysyndrome · 23 Jan 2020
Taming His Creole Beauty by Ruby Caine

This is bad, it's poorly written wooden phrasing comes off the page like a pile of broken sticks. Adding to the confusion the author frequently and abruptly switches POV jumping into the heads of side characters and just about anyone nearby. It explains what is happening without giving you any of the emotional connection or reactions you'd expect.

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Not only is the title of this book as insensitive as it can get the text itself goes from insensitive to offensive real quick. Glenda's described as exotic and coffee-au-lait. Given a tragic backstory, which she reveals instantly to a bunch of ladies she barely knows. Oh and let's not forget she's been reduced to her attractiveness because that's the only reason she got the job.

The main man, James is an undiluted asshole right from the get-go. Oh, yeah, and big surprise the reason he's an ass? He is Deaf, big Deaf not little deaf. Clearly the author has no idea what that is or means. The words used to describe him and his behavior would make a deaf/Deaf persons jaw hit the floor. Born Deaf, but doesn't know or doesn't care about his own volume. He speaks with a 'slur of his words hinted at his handicap' and reads lips perfectly.

Go ahead, cringe with me.

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