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January 2022, stats

Pageviews: 1,870,000
Sessions: 460,000
Unique Visitors: 300,000
Avg Session Duration: 3:40 minutes

January 2022, average ad performance

Total Clicks / Week: ~ 300 clicks per ad*
Cost Per Click: ~ $0.09*
* These numbers are based on the average previous performance of our basic ads and are no guarantee of similar performance.

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Promo placement and positioning

The boxes in the sidebar on the rightabove illustrate the ad placements and sizes as well as the monthly cost of each ad at the particular position. Those ads will be featured on 98% of our pages. For insights into the ad placements on different devices please resize your browser window.

All ad slots have a frequency of 1 in 4, meaning that each slot is shared between four ads. Each ad appears in that slot at the same rate of page impressions resulting in each ad appearing approximately 25% of the time. Booking of several adverts per slot to increase the frequency is subject to availability.

Submission standards

All ads should be submitted as JPGs or PNGs, and regardless of dimensions must not be bigger than 80KB.

Please be aware that we reserve the right to refuse ads for any reason.


Please note that at the moment we do not offer any ad or book placements in our daily deals newsletter.

Free promo options

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$25.00 per week

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