Pride Series by Shelly Laurenston, Cynthia Eden

4.31 · 587 ratings
  • A Pride Christmas in Brooklyn (Pride #0.4)

    A Pride Christmas in Brooklyn (Pride #0.4)

    Shelly Laurenston

    Rated: 4.45 of 5 stars
    · 23 ratings · published 2014

    Mason “Mace” Llewellyn has just gotten out of the Navy after a 14 year career as a SEAL. He is also a lion shape shifter. Mace has one thing – one woman – on his mind. Desiree “Dez” MacDermot, his childhood crush and good buddy, has been on his mind since they were both 14. He has plans for Dez when he finds her, most of them involving being naked. Unfortunately, a murder and a little war between the lions and the hyenas is in danger of getting in the way of his plans!

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  • Howl For It (Pride #0.5)

    Howl For It (Pride #0.5)

    Shelly Laurenston, Cynthia Eden

    Rated: 4.32 of 5 stars
    · 33 ratings · published 2012

    They hunger for your pleasure. They growl for your touch. And in these sizzling stories by New York Times bestselling author Shelly Laurenston and Cynthia Eden, these sexy wolf shapeshifters are lust at first bite. . . "Like A Wolf With A Bone" by Shelly Laurenston Quiet little Darla Lewis couldn't be happier when the most-feared member of the South's rowdiest pack kidnaps her... more

  • The Mane Event (Pride #1)

    The Mane Event (Pride #1)

    Shelly Laurenston

    Rated: 4.00 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 4 of 5
    · 72 ratings · published 2007

    Shelly Laurenston knows how to do it all, delivering tales that are wickedly funny, action-packed, and scorch-your-fingers sexy. With The Mane Event , she proves just how delicious love can be once you unleash your inner beast... Christmas Pride How come all the good-looking ones are insane?That's what runs through NYPD cop Desiree "Dez" MacDermot's mind the minute she hooks up again with her childhood buddy, Mace Llewellyn... more

  • The Beast in Him (Pride #2)

    The Beast in Him (Pride #2)

    Shelly Laurenston

    Rated: 4.25 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 4 of 5
    · 65 ratings · published 2014

    Some things are so worth waiting for. Like the moment when Jessica Ward "accidentally" bumps into Bobby Ray Smith and shows him just how far she's come since high school. Back then, Jess's gangly limbs and bruised heart turn to jelly any time Smitty's "all the better to ravish you with" body came near her. So, some things haven't changed. Except now Jess is a success on her own terms. And she can enjoy a romp-or twenty-with a big, bad wolf and walk away. Easy... more

  • The Mane Attraction (Pride #3)

    The Mane Attraction (Pride #3)

    Shelly Laurenston

    Rated: 4.38 of 5 stars
    · 63 ratings · published 2008

    Even the king of the beasts can find himself unexpectedly tamed by the right woman. . . Weddings have the strangest effect on people. Exhibit 1: Sissy Mae waking up in Mitch Shaw's bed the morning after her brother Bobby Ray's nuptials. Exhibit 2: the gunmen trying to kill Mitch. Exhibit 3: Sissy Mae escorting a bleeding yet sexy lion shifter to her Tennessee Pack's turf for safe keeping. It doesn't help that Mitch's appraising gaze makes her feel like the most desirable creature on earth. . more

  • The Mane Squeeze (Pride #4)

    The Mane Squeeze (Pride #4)

    Shelly Laurenston

    Rated: 4.42 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 4 of 5
    · 62 ratings · published 2009

    Growing up on the tough Philly streets, Gwen O'Neill has learned how to fend for herself. But what is she supposed to do with a nice, suburban Jersey boy in the form of a massive Grizzly shifter? Especially one with a rather unhealthy fetish for honey, moose, and…uh…well, her. Yet despite his menacing ursine growl and four-inch claws, Gwen finds Lachlan "Lock" MacRyrie cute and really sweet... more

  • Beast Behaving Badly (Pride #5)

    Beast Behaving Badly (Pride #5)

    Shelly Laurenston

    Rated: 4.42 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 4 of 5
    · 64 ratings · published 2010

    Ten years after Blayne Thorpe first encountered Bo Novikov, she still can't get the smooth-talking shifter out of her head. Now he's shadowing her in New York-all seven-plus feet of him-determined to protect her from stalkers who want to use her in shifter dogfights. Even if he has to drag her off to an isolated Maine town where the only neighbors are other bears almost as crazy as he is... Let sleeping dogs lie. Bo knows it's good advice, but he can't leave Blayne be... more

  • Big Bad Beast (Pride #6)

    Big Bad Beast (Pride #6)

    Shelly Laurenston

    Rated: 4.45 of 5 stars
    · 58 ratings · published 2013

    When it comes to following her instincts, former Marine Dee-Ann Smith never holds back. And this deadly member of a shifter protection group will do anything to prove one of her own kind is having hybrids captured for dogfights. Trouble is, her too-cute rich-boy boss Ric Van Holtz insists on helping out. And his crazy-like-a-fox smarts and charming persistence are making it real hard for Dee to keep her heart safe... Ric can't believe his luck... more

  • Bear Meets Girl (Pride #7)

    Bear Meets Girl (Pride #7)

    Shelly Laurenston

    Rated: 4.28 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 4 of 5
    · 57 ratings · published 2012

    He's big, burly, and way smarter than your average shapeshifting bear. He's also about to get trapped by own his game. . . Lou Crushek is a reasonable, mellow, easygoing kind of guy. But once someone starts killing the scumbags he works so hard to bust, that really gets under his fur. Especially when that someone is a curvy she-tiger with a skill set that's turning Crush's lone-bear world upside down--and bringing his passion out of hibernation. . more

  • Wolf with Benefits (Pride #8)

    Wolf with Benefits (Pride #8)

    Shelly Laurenston

    Rated: 4.25 of 5 stars
    · 41 ratings · published 2013

    There’s nothing like a good-ol’-boy wolf. And ace security expert Ricky Lee Reed serves, protects and seduces with all the right moves… Sure, Toni Jean-Louis Parker has to be the responsible oldest sister to a crazy-brilliant clan of jackal siblings. But now she’s cutting loose for some hot, sweaty, no-commitments fun—and the sexy, slow-talking, swift-moving predator assigned to keep her family safe is just the right thing to shapeshift her love life into overdrive... more

  • Bite Me (Pride #9)

    Bite Me (Pride #9)

    Shelly Laurenston

    Rated: 4.31 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 3 of 5
    · 49 ratings · published 2014

    Livy Kowalski has no time for idiots. When you shapeshift into a honey badger, getting through life’s irritants is a finely honed skill. Until she gets stuck housing her nutso cousin and dealing with her dad’s untimely and unexplained demise. That’s where Vic Barinov comes in—or his house does. Vic can’t step outside without coming back to find Livy devouring his honey stash and getting the TV remote sticky. It gets his animal instincts all riled up... more

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