The Premonition Series by Amy A. Bartol

4.23 · 188 ratings
  • Inescapable (The Premonition #1)

    Inescapable (The Premonition #1)

    Amy A. Bartol

    Rated: 4.04 of 5 stars
    · 44 ratings · published 2011

    My name is Evie Claremont and this was to be the making of me–my freshman year of college. I’d been hoping that once I’d arrived on Crestwood’s campus, the nightmare that I’ve been having would go away. It hasn’t. I may be an inexperienced seventeen-year-old, but I’m grounded…sane. I look for rational explanations to even the strangest circumstances. Since meeting sophomore Reed Wellington, however, nothing makes any sense... more

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  • Intuition (The Premonition #2)

    Intuition (The Premonition #2)

    Amy A. Bartol

    Rated: 4.23 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 2 of 5
    · 42 ratings · published 2011

    I don’t open my eyes so I can’t see him, but I can smell him. He thickens the air I breathe, choking me with his scent…his aroma. I shiver. I have to resist. If I’m not strong, then I will be relegated to the same fate as this predator whose sickness infects me even now. But now, I crave him and he knows that; he has been counting on my need to end the gnawing pain. How he would savor my surrender. I’m alive, but how much longer will it take until I beg him not to be?

  • Indebted (The Premonition #3)

    Indebted (The Premonition #3)

    Amy A. Bartol

    Rated: 4.34 of 5 stars
    · 40 ratings · published 2012

    I hang my head in sorrow for just a moment when I know I am truly alone. I feel like I’m going to my execution, just as he had said. Then I move forward again. I hop a fence of fieldstone and cross a field dotted with Queen Anne’s lace. Goose bumps rise on my arms as I pass the cluster of windmills that I have seen in a dream. The scent is sweet in the field though, not the scent of heat, like it had been when it was forced upon me in visions... more

  • Incendiary (The Premonition #4)

    Incendiary (The Premonition #4)

    Amy A. Bartol

    Rated: 4.29 of 5 stars
    · 36 ratings · published 2012

    Cold, fine drops of rain fall softly on my cheeks as I emerge from the darkness of the ship's interior to the gray, overcast sky of the main deck. Pulling my dark pea coat tighter to my body, the wind lifts red tendrils of my hair. I walk slowly to the railing overlooking the water. I catch my first sight of the Irish coastline; its craggy landscape makes me shiver in dread. I find it difficult to imagine now how the Gancanagh had made this their home for so long without anyone realizing it... more

  • Iniquity (The Premonition #5)

    Iniquity (The Premonition #5)

    Amy A. Bartol

    Rated: 4.34 of 5 stars
    · 26 ratings · published 2015

    I gasp as my body curls toward Brennus like a flower to the sun, for the pleasure of it. He holds me close to him. His nose grazes the length of my neck. He breathes me in. I feel the roar and rush of my heartbeat. I’m his toy; his energy streams into me. He winds the invisible key in my back and the euphoria ratchets and coils inside of me: tick...tick...tick... Another wicked surge of energy flows from him into me. Pain. Pleasure. Bliss. My jaw unclenches as my lips part... more

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