Bewitched and Bewildered Series by Alanea Alder

4.48 · 330 ratings
  • My Commander (Bewitched and Bewildered #1)

    My Commander (Bewitched and Bewildered #1)

    Alanea Alder

    · 44 ratings · published 2014

    In book one you meet our delicious Alpha Unit leader Aiden McKenzie. When the topic of grandchildren comes up during a weekly sewing circle the matriarchs of the founding families seek out the witch Elder to scry to see if their sons have mates... more

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  • My Protector (Bewitched and Bewildered #2)

    My Protector (Bewitched and Bewildered #2)

    Alanea Alder

    · 39 ratings · published 2014

    Gavriel Ambrosios has been dreaming of his accident prone mate for weeks. Now that he is nearing the apex of his vampiric transition, she has made her way to Lycaonia, just when he is at his most dangerous. Elizabeth Monroe was planning on staying in Lycaonia while humans forgot about the swan dive she took out of her boss’s office window. Little did she know that this short side trip was about to become permanent. Gavriel is the mate she has always dreamed of... more

  • My Healer (Bewitched and Bewildered #3)

    My Healer (Bewitched and Bewildered #3)

    Alanea Alder

    · 38 ratings · published 2015

    Fun loving wolf-shifter Colton Albright’s usual concern…his next meal, has been replaced by haunted dreams. The nightly visions of the sad, anxious face of his mate have this jovial jokester withdrawing from his fellow Alpha Unit members. Rheia Bradley is a dedicated professional that lives to help others, but has long forgotten how to help herself. When she arrives in Lycaonia seeking the protection of the warrior units, Colton is ecstatic to discover that she’s his mate... more

  • My Savior (Bewitched and Bewildered #4)

    My Savior (Bewitched and Bewildered #4)

    Alanea Alder

    · 27 ratings · published 2015

    Amelia has dreamt of her mate since she was a little girl. All her life visions of a golden prince have warmed her heart and promised a fairy-tale future. She longs for the day when they will finally be together. When the fateful day arrives and she meets Darian for the first time, she is nearly destroyed by his unequivocal rejection. His continued denial of their destined relationship has her doubting her own self worth and the visions she has had all her life... more

  • My Brother's Keeper (Bewitched and Bewildered #5)

    My Brother's Keeper (Bewitched and Bewildered #5)

    Alanea Alder

    · 29 ratings · published 2015

    Two hundred years ago Kendrick Ashwood had a premonition that showed him the gruesome image of his baby brother being killed in the line of duty while serving with the Alpha Unit. When centuries go by and Keelan is still alive and well, he begins to relax. He believes that his prayers sent to the Gods to make him wrong this one time have been answered. As Kendrick feels his godsdaughter’s magic flare out of control he immediately merges with her in an attempt to rein it in... more

  • My Guardian (Bewitched and Bewildered #6)

    My Guardian (Bewitched and Bewildered #6)

    Alanea Alder

    · 24 ratings · published 2016

    The next chapter in the Bewitched and Bewildered series is about to begin. Meryn and Beth have been summoned by Beth’s uncle and council elder, Magnus Rioux to the vampire’s pillar city of Noctem Falls. Meryn in a city of vampires, what could go wrong? Aiden and Gavriel are about to find out. Eva Mae Miller has been around for a long time. But never in all of her centuries has she ever had to turn to vampires for sanctuary... more

  • My Champion (Bewitched and Bewildered #7)

    My Champion (Bewitched and Bewildered #7)

    Alanea Alder

    · 22 ratings · published 2016

    Declan Lionhart has been running interference between the Founding Families and the citizens of Noctem Falls since the day he arrived in the city. His hopes of being a simple unit warrior crumbles in the face of their troubles and it looks like he will always be bound by his family’s political legacy. But with current tensions skyrocketing to unimaginable levels, Declan’s laid back persona and easy smile are needed now more than ever... more

  • My Defender (Bewitched and Bewildered #8)

    My Defender (Bewitched and Bewildered #8)

    Alanea Alder

    · 22 ratings · published 2017

    When a mysterious illness begins to sweep through Noctem Falls affecting the children, Eleanor Kimball is called to the city to see if she can determine what is wrong. As a pediatrician Eleanor loves children and desires many of her own, however, after several dating disasters she has not only sworn off men, but has given up her dream of a family, and the promise of a destined mate... more

  • My Angel (Bewitched and Bewildered #9)

    My Angel (Bewitched and Bewildered #9)

    Alanea Alder

    · 18 ratings · published 2017

    Vivian Mercy has been running from the past for so long she doesn’t know any other way of life. When a panicked call comes from one of her only friends she finds herself returning to the city of her nightmares where her dedication as a doctor and resolve to help others is put to the test. Etain Vi’Aerlin has been watching over Noctem Falls for centuries. Sent by his queen he became a silent sentinel in the shadows helping Magnus whenever he could... more

  • My One and Only (Bewitched and Bewildered #10)

    My One and Only (Bewitched and Bewildered #10)

    Alanea Alder

    · 20 ratings · published 2018

    Micah has spent so many centuries hiding who he is that he’s forgotten how to be himself, and despite always being there for others, he finds it impossible to ask for help. As weeks of sleepless nights catch up with him, he faces the fact that he needs his unit brothers no more than ever. Living in Storm Keep with mixed blood, Serenity fought for everything she has... more

  • My Solace (Bewitched and Bewildered #11)

    My Solace (Bewitched and Bewildered #11)

    Alanea Alder

    · 20 ratings · published 2019

    For thousands of years Oron Vi’Eirson has lived each day trying to keep the pain and devastation caused by his family from hurting his precious baby brother. But despite his best efforts his past has come back to haunt him, placing not only Darian and Amelia in harm’s way, but also his newly found mate. Isabelle Campbell, or as she likes to be called, Izzy, is a mess. She knows this. It’s never intentional, but somehow her curiosity always seems to run away from her... more

  • My Warrior (Bewitched and Bewildered #12)

    My Warrior (Bewitched and Bewildered #12)

    Alanea Alder

    · 16 ratings · published 2020

    Ari Lionhart is the youngest warrior in Èire Danu, yet despite his lack of years, he is trusted by the queen’s consort Brennus to act as the unit leader for every unit in the fae city. He works hard at balancing his life between being a unit warrior and being a Lionhart, and secretly fears he is failing at both... more

  • My Gifts at Christmas (Bewitched and Bewildered #13)

    My Gifts at Christmas (Bewitched and Bewildered #13)

    Alanea Alder

    · 11 ratings · published 2020

    As the holidays approach Caspian has resigned himself to the fact that life in the City of Eternal Night is just one meaningless day after another. When his older brother, Magnus, asks him to greet a scientist working on improving the quality of their blood resources, he is surprised to hear that the man is a shifter. Once they meet he is shocked they are mates. When he looks at what Broderick Monroe is carrying on his hip, his heart melts... more

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