Lovely Vicious Series by Sara Wolf

4.17 · 135 ratings
  • Love Me Never (Lovely Vicious #1)

    Love Me Never (Lovely Vicious #1)

    Sara Wolf

    · 45 ratings · published 2015

    Read the book that Kirkus Reviews called: "A complex, witty page-turner, ideal for YA fans of scandal and romance." Don’t love your enemy. Declare war on him. Seventeen-year-old Isis Blake hasn’t fallen in love in three years, nine weeks, and five days, and after what happened last time, she intends to keep it that way. Since then she’s lost eighty-five pounds, gotten four streaks of purple in her hair, and moved to Buttcrack-of-Nowhere, Ohio, to help her mom escape a bad relationship... more

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  • Lovely Vicious (Lovely Vicious #1)

    Lovely Vicious (Lovely Vicious #1)

    Sara Wolf

    · 35 ratings · published 2015

    1.Don't talk about love. 2.Don't think about love. 3.Thinking and talking about love leads to Love, which is the enemy... For 17-year-old Isis Blake, the list has one goal: to ensure she never falls in love again. Ever. As Isis and her mom settle into their new home in Buttcrack-of-Nowhere, Ohio, Isis is rockin' the purple hair and a beat up old car...and hoping like hell that no one learns that a) she used to be fat; and b) she used to have a heart... more

  • Savage Delight (Lovely Vicious #2)

    Savage Delight (Lovely Vicious #2)

    Sara Wolf

    · 32 ratings · published 2014

    Light meets dark. Secrets meet truth. It's been three years, twenty-five weeks, and five days since Isis Blake fell in love, and if she has it her way, it'll stretch into infinity. After a run-in with her mom’s ex-boyfriend, she scrabbles to remember what she’s lost to amnesia. Her ex-nemesis Jack falls deeper into a pit of despair, and his girlfriend Sophia does all she can to keep him to herself... more

  • Brutal Precious (Lovely Vicious #3)

    Brutal Precious (Lovely Vicious #3)

    Sara Wolf

    · 23 ratings · published 2014

    Life meets death. The end meets the beginning. Eighteen-year-old Isis Blake hasn’t fallen in love in three years, forty-three weeks, and two days. Or so she thinks. The boy she maybe-sort-of-definitely loved has dropped off the face of the planet after his girlfriend's death, leaving a Jack-shaped hole. Determined to be happy, Isis fills it in with lies and puts on a brave smile for her new life at Ohio State University... more

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