Red Dirt Series by N.R. Walker

4.29 · 101 ratings
  • Red Dirt Heart (Red Dirt #1)

    Red Dirt Heart (Red Dirt #1)

    N.R. Walker

    · 25 ratings · published 2014

    Welcome to Sutton Station: One of the world’s largest working farms in the middle of Australia – where if the animals and heat don’t kill you first, your heart just might. Charlie Sutton runs Sutton Station the only way he knows how; the way his father did before him. Determined to keep his head down and his heart in check, Charlie swears the red dirt that surrounds him – isolates him – runs through his veins... more

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  • Red Dirt Heart 2 (Red Dirt #2)

    Red Dirt Heart 2 (Red Dirt #2)

    N.R. Walker

    · 16 ratings · published 2014

    Up until Travis arrived on his doorstep, Charlie had lived a very solitary life. He had surrounded himself with isolation; a couple million acres of red dirt, scorching sun and loneliness. Six months on, winter has settled over the desert, and Charlie has the life he never dreamed possible. But living and working together, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, for six months straight starts to take its toll... more

  • Red Dirt Heart 3 (Red Dirt #3)

    Red Dirt Heart 3 (Red Dirt #3)

    N.R. Walker

    · 19 ratings · published 2014

    Life for Charlie Sutton has never been better, or busier. With Travis now a permanent fixture of Sutton Station, a permanent fixture at Charlie’s side, Charlie’s convinced he couldn’t do anything on his ever-growing to-do list without him. He can run a multimillion dollar cattle business, finish his degree, try and further the local beef industry, deal with staff issues, Ma’s failing health, and an attention-demanding wombat... more

  • Red Dirt Christmas (Red Dirt #3.5)

    Red Dirt Christmas (Red Dirt #3.5)

    N.R. Walker

    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    **14,500 words, gay romance** Travis had been here at Sutton Station for just over a year. We were technically engaged, not that we’d told anyone. He was happy just knowin’ I’d said yes, and I had some head-clearin’ stuff to work through. Knowing I was good enough for Trav was one thing, but knowing if I was good enough to be a husband and father was somethin’ else entirely. Life at Sutton Station had never been better... more

  • Red Dirt Heart 4 (Red Dirt #4)

    Red Dirt Heart 4 (Red Dirt #4)

    N.R. Walker

    · 21 ratings · published 2015

    Moving from a Texas ranch to an Australian Outback station was a life changing decision for Travis Craig. Though it wasn’t really a decision at all. Something in his bones told him to go, though he had no clue as to why. Until he met Sutton Station’s owner, Charlie. Loving Charlie shouldn’t have been easy. The man was stubborn, and riddled with crippling self-doubt. No, it shouldn’t have been easy at all. Yet somehow, falling in love with Charlie was the easiest thing in the world... more

  • Red Dirt Heart Imago (Red Dirt #4.5)

    Red Dirt Heart Imago (Red Dirt #4.5)

    N.R. Walker

    · 10 ratings · published 2017

    When Charlie Sutton’s neighbour Greg is notified by the Queensland government that they intend to run a pipeline through his property, Charlie vows to help him fight it. Then Travis remembers seeing butterflies at the creek near their joining fence line - the same butterflies they couldn’t find in any Australian butterfly book. Hopeful this might be their only chance to stop the development, they seek the help of a specialist... more

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