Little Town Series by J.D. Nixon

4.38 · 48 ratings
  • Blood Ties (Little Town #1)

    Blood Ties (Little Town #1)

    J.D. Nixon

    · 14 ratings · published 2011

    Beautiful, arrogant and lawless, the Bycrafts have menaced the tiny isolated mountain settlement of ‘Little Town’ for generations in a one-family crime wave. The Bycraft women are uncontrollable, the men violently obsessive and their kids feral. And nobody in town has suffered at their hands as much as the Fuller family... more

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  • Blood Sport (Little Town #2)

    Blood Sport (Little Town #2)

    J.D. Nixon

    · 12 ratings · published 2011

    At first glance, the small mountain settlement of Mount Big Town, or ‘Little Town’ as the locals call it, seems to be a pleasant and peaceful rural haven. Senior Constable Tess Fuller and Sergeant Finn Maguire know better though, kept fully occupied trying to maintain some law and order in a town dominated by the huge feral Bycraft family... more

  • Blood Feud (Little Town #3)

    Blood Feud (Little Town #3)

    J.D. Nixon

    · 12 ratings · published 0201

    Book 3 in the Little Town series.A seemingly inexplicable and shockingly violent crime in the beautiful rural locale of ‘Little Town’ has devastating personal and professional consequences for its two police officers, Senior Constable Tess Fuller and her partner, Sergeant Finn Maguire. And has Tess really seen the last of the predatory Red Bycraft?

  • Blood Tears (Little Town #4)

    Blood Tears (Little Town #4)

    J.D. Nixon

    · 10 ratings · published 2013

    Is Senior Constable Tess Fuller really as resilient as she thinks? When faced with the tragic consequences of her own stubborn decision – further inflaming her lifelong feud with the large, revengeful, and violent Bycraft family – how will she cope? And can she rebuild her trust and relationship with her newly returned partner, Sergeant Finn Maguire, while they work a puzzling accidental death case?

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