Christmas Hope Series by Donna VanLiere

4.18 · 117 ratings
  • The Christmas Shoes (Christmas Hope #1)

    The Christmas Shoes (Christmas Hope #1)

    Donna VanLiere

    · 27 ratings · published 2001

    Sometimes, the things that can change your life will cross your path in one instant-and then, in a fleeting moment, they're gone. But if you open your eyes, and watch carefully, you will believe.... Robert is a successful attorney who has everything in life-and nothing at all. Focused on professional achievement and material rewards, Robert is on the brink of losing his marriage. He has lost sight of his wife, Kate, their two daughters, and ultimately himself... more

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  • The Christmas Blessing (Christmas Hope #2)

    The Christmas Blessing (Christmas Hope #2)

    Donna VanLiere

    · 16 ratings · published 2003

    In The Christmas Shoes , young Nathan Andrews was a child who lost his mother to cancer. Now his deepest wish is to become a doctor. When a stranger named Robert gave him the money to buy his mother a pair of shoes for her last Christmas, both Robert and Nathan learned the deepest lessons of love and giving. Now a medical student in his third year, Nathan realizes there are still things to be learned about faith, blessings, and sacrifice... more

  • The Christmas Hope (Christmas Hope #3)

    The Christmas Hope (Christmas Hope #3)

    Donna VanLiere

    · 16 ratings · published 2001

    Perennial New York Times bestsellers and Audie Award finalists The Christmas Shoes and The Christmas Blessing have become inspirational holiday classics, and THE CHRISTMAS HOPE is poised to become a seasonal favorite in its own rightPatricia and Mark Addison have long given up the hope of having a meaningful Christmas. But this year, Patricia’s job as a social worker will lead her to a very special five-year-old... more

  • The Christmas Promise (Christmas Hope #4)

    The Christmas Promise (Christmas Hope #4)

    Donna VanLiere

    · 14 ratings · published 2007

    Each Christmas we are given a promise from heaven. And each year on earth we make promises to each other. This is a story about how a promise from one person to another shows us the true meaning of faith, remembrance, and love.Seven years ago Gloria endured a family tragedy that almost shook her faith entirely. Each Christmas she places a card in an envelope on her tree, restating a promise she made to her husband before he died... more

  • The Christmas Secret (Christmas Hope #5)

    The Christmas Secret (Christmas Hope #5)

    Donna VanLiere

    · 16 ratings · published 2009

    When a struggling young single mother saves the life of an elderly woman, she sets into motion a series of events that will test her strength, loyalty, and determination, all the while setting her on the path to finding true love. Christine Eisley is the mother of seven-year-old Zach and five-year-old Haley. Her ex-husband provides little, if any, child support and makes life difficult for Christine by using the children as pawns... more

  • The Christmas Note (Christmas Hope #6)

    The Christmas Note (Christmas Hope #6)

    Donna VanLiere

    · 14 ratings · published 2011

    Gretchen Daniels has recently moved into an apartment with her two children to be closer to her mother, Miriam. She and her children are building a life together in a new community when a mysterious young woman, Melissa McCreary, moves into the apartment next to them. She has few possessions, little personality, and keeps to herself. One day, a local landlord who is looking for Melissa knocks on Gretchen’s door for assistance... more

  • The Christmas Light (Christmas Hope #7)

    The Christmas Light (Christmas Hope #7)

    Donna VanLiere

    · 14 ratings · published 2014

    In the small town of Grandon, five very different people discover the true meaning of Christmas. Jennifer and Ryan are both single parents, struggling with their own losses and heartache as they attempt to move forward in the present while still holding onto the memories, joy, and heartache of the past. Sixteen-year-old Kaylee is faced with a life-changing situation that has affected her whole family. Stephen and Lily are happily married and ready to start a family... more

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