Ties of Steel Series by M.J. Fields, Paige Steele, Veronica Parks, Kellie Montgomery, Furious Fotog, Bryant Wood

4.26 · 45 ratings
  • Abe: Four In Hand (Ties of Steel #1)

    Abe: Four In Hand (Ties of Steel #1)

    M.J. Fields

    · 15 ratings · published 2014

    THIS EDITION IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE Twenty-six-year-old Abraham O’Donnell is the CFO of Steel Inc. After working tirelessly for over a year, he takes a week off to enjoy the sand, surf, and bikini-clad women of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. After all, he's earned it. When a brief interlude with a flight attendant in her hotel room goes awry, Abe heads to a rental home with a private beach. While floating naked in the pool, he learns a guest house on the property is also occupied... more

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  • Dominic: The Prince (Ties of Steel #2)

    Dominic: The Prince (Ties of Steel #2)

    M.J. Fields

    · 12 ratings · published 2015

    The Italian, seductive, quiet alpha, Dominic Segretti, is leaving Livorno, Italy and headed for the Jersey Shore. His family's business is in danger of crumbling under the management of a man who tormented and grossly underestimated his investment in a business he grew up loving, and the hatred of a man who made his life hell for thirteen years. He has been quietly waiting for the right moment to bring Benito Deluca to his knees... more

  • Sabato: The Cross (Ties of Steel #3)

    Sabato: The Cross (Ties of Steel #3)

    M.J. Fields, Veronica Parks, Kellie Montgomery, Furious Fotog, Bryant Wood

    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    ***USA Today Bestselling Author, MJ Fields, brings you the sizzling story of Sabato Efisto*** la fame.... Sabato Efisto is a cursed man. Born from sin, raised in revenge, he’s made a name for himself doling out pleasure and punishment in the lush Italian Riviera. io brucio.... When the sins of his father come to rest on his shoulders, Sabato trades his privileged—but dangerous—life as the son of a mafia kingpin for the untested—but willing—shores of New Jersey... more

  • Eroe (Ties of Steel #3)

    Eroe (Ties of Steel #3)

    M.J. Fields

    · 8 ratings · published 2105

    Eroe ( St. Andrews: A Sabato Origin Story) Ties of Steel Book 3 Sabato Efisto was born from an unholy union, the bastard son of a martyred saint and the Devil. At least, that's what he's believed, for most of his life. His father is an Italian crime lord, a man so dangerous that Sabato's mother died trying to get away from him. For that tragedy, which happened on his seventh birthday, Sabato blames himself... more

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