The Belgariad Series by David Eddings

4.15 · 146 ratings
  • Magician's Gambit (The Belgariad #3)

    Magician's Gambit (The Belgariad #3)

    David Eddings

    Rated: 4.12 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 1 of 5
    · 51 ratings · published 1983

    Ce'Nedra, Imperial Princess of Tolnedra, is confused. Everyone knows the tales of the Orb protecting the West from the evil god Torak are just silly legends. But here she is, forced to join a dangerous quest to recover that stolen Orb. No one believes in sorcery, but Garion's aunt and grandfather seem to be the fabled sorcerers Polgara and Belgarath, who would have to be thousands of years old. Even young Garion is learning to do sorcery... more

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  • Castle of Wizardry (The Belgariad #4)

    Castle of Wizardry (The Belgariad #4)

    David Eddings

    Rated: 4.19 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 1 of 5
    · 47 ratings · published 1984

    END OF THE QUEST It had all begun with the theft of the Orb that had so long protected the West from the evil God Torak. Before that, Garion had been a simple farm boy. Afterward, he discovered that his aunt was really the Sorceress Polgara and his grandfather was Belgarath, the Eternal Man. Then, on the long quest to recover the Orb, Garion found to his dismay that he, too, was a sorcerer. Now, at last, the Orb was regained and the quest was nearing its end... more

  • Enchanters' End Game (The Belgariad #5)

    Enchanters' End Game (The Belgariad #5)

    David Eddings

    Rated: 4.13 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 2 of 5
    · 48 ratings · published 1984

    THE DRIVE OF PROPHECY The quest was over. The Orb of Aldur was restored. And once again, with the crowning of Garion, there was a descendant of Riva Iron-grip to rule as Overlord of the West. But the Prophecy was unfulfilled. In the east, the evil God Torak was about to awaken and seek dominion. Somehow, Garion had to face the God, to kill or be killed. On the outcome of that dread duel rested the destiny of the world... more

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