Savage Brothers MC Series by Jordan Marie, Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews, Tristin Godsey

4.13 · 92 ratings
  • Breaking Dragon (Savage Brothers MC #1)

    Breaking Dragon (Savage Brothers MC #1)

    Jordan Marie

    · 19 ratings · published 2014

    NicoleAt one time, I had everything I wanted in life. Or I thought I did, but I lived in black and white. Then, he exploded into my world. Dragon.He’s hot-blooded, cocky, stubborn as hell, and he drives me crazy. With him everything is more...It’s more vibrant, more exciting, more...real.Suddenly I have everything to lose. In fact, I’m terrified that I might not be strong enough to hold on to it all. Because I’m learning with life, there are no hearts and flowers... more

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  • Saving Dancer (Savage Brothers MC #2)

    Saving Dancer (Savage Brothers MC #2)

    Jordan Marie

    · 24 ratings · published 2015

    Carrie: I’ve been in love with Jacob Blake since he picked me up in his strong arms. He held me close and promised me everything would be okay. I knew then, I had met the man who would own my heart forever. I was five years old. As the years went by, the need and longing for Jacob only increased—at least on my side. Jacob has never seen me as more than his kid sister’s best friend... more

  • Loving Nicole (Savage Brothers MC #3)

    Loving Nicole (Savage Brothers MC #3)

    Jordan Marie

    · 18 ratings · published 2015

    NICOLE I'm marrying my soulmate. We're having a baby. Life is perfect. But having it all, means you have everything to lose. In the blink of an eye, all my dreams slip through my fingers like grains of sand. DRAGON I have it all. My woman has my ring on her finger, my baby in her belly and my club is healing. Then everything goes to hell. Nicole thinks we're done. We are not. She's mine. ***** Love makes the strong weak... more

  • Claiming Crusher (Savage Brothers MC #4)

    Claiming Crusher (Savage Brothers MC #4)

    Jordan Marie, Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews, Tristin Godsey

    · 16 ratings · published 2015

    Crusher The moment I saw her I knew I was in trouble. I just didn’t care. Once I knock down her walls and get a taste. I know she’s it. I’ll have her and no one will get in my way----not even my club. She’ trying to run. That won’t happen. I’ll use whatever I can just to keep her, even if it is my d**k. I’m an expert in making women give me what I want. Dani just doesn’t realize who she’s dealing with yet. She will. I’ve claimed her… She’s mine... more

  • Trusting Bull (Savage Brothers MC #5)

    Trusting Bull (Savage Brothers MC #5)

    Jordan Marie

    · 15 ratings · published 2015

    Skye: The minute I saw him, I knew I was in trouble. Bull. What kind of man flirts with the doctor who lectures him on STD’s? And why am I attracted to a man like that? He wasn’t what I wanted, but he could be exactly what I need. Slowly I’m learning to trust him. It’s perfect, except for one small thing…. Someone wants me dead. Bull: To say I lost my way is an understatement. Then I meet her. Skye. She’s smart, beautiful and way beyond my reach... more

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