Wrong Series by Jana Aston

4.22 · 75 ratings
  • Fling (Wrong #2.5)

    Fling (Wrong #2.5)

    Jana Aston

    · 29 ratings · published 2016

    I have a crush on my boss’ best friend. At least it’s not my brother’s best friend. Or my best friend’s brother. Or… never mind. It’s all pretty cliche. And worse? My boss’ best friend is his business partner. Which sort of makes him my boss too. Okay - it’s not sort of. It’s definite. Gabe Laurent is off limits. Totally off limits. Which is fine. I make do with my imagination. He’ll never know. Ever... more

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  • Trust (Wrong #3)

    Trust (Wrong #3)

    Jana Aston

    · 47 ratings · published 2016

    “Knock knock!” “Um… Who’s there?” Yeah. That was me, on my last date. Before you feel sorry for me  you should know that I was the one telling the jokes. Jokes as in  plural, because I didn’t stop with just one. Of course not.  Hi, I’m Chloe Scott. The most awkward single girl in the city. But I’m going to get it together. I am.  I’m going to learn how to date like a grown up. I’m going to have an orgasm not given to myself... more

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