Nightrunner Series by Lynn Flewelling

4.10 · 192 ratings
  • By the River (Nightrunner #0)

    By the River (Nightrunner #0)

    Lynn Flewelling

    Rated: 4.14 of 5 stars
    · 7 ratings · published 2001

    Seregil has been exile by his family, failed as an apprentice to Nysander and has now almost been caught picking a man's pocket. Narrowly escaping by jumping into a river, he wonders what to do with his life.

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  • Luck in the Shadows (Nightrunner #1)

    Luck in the Shadows (Nightrunner #1)

    Lynn Flewelling

    Rated: 4.07 of 5 stars
    · 35 ratings · published 1996

    When young Alec of Kerry is taken prisoner for a crime he didn’t commit, he is certain that his life is at an end. But one thing he never expected was his cellmate. Spy, rogue, thief, and noble, Seregil of Rhiminee is many things–none of them predictable. And when he offers to take on Alec as his apprentice, things may never be the same for either of them. Soon Alec is traveling roads he never knew existed, toward a war he never suspected was brewing... more

  • Stalking Darkness (Nightrunner #2)

    Stalking Darkness (Nightrunner #2)

    Lynn Flewelling

    Rated: 4.27 of 5 stars
    · 27 ratings · published 1997

    With the Leran threat laid to rest, Alec and Seregil are now able to turn their attention to the ancient evil which threatens their land. The Plenimarans, at war with Skalans, have decided to defeat their ancient enemy by raising up the Dead God, Seriamaius. The early attempts at this reincarnation--masterminded by the sinister Duke Mardus and his sorcerous minion Vargul Ashnazai--once left Seregil in a sorcerous coma... more

  • Traitor's Moon (Nightrunner #3)

    Traitor's Moon (Nightrunner #3)

    Lynn Flewelling

    Rated: 4.07 of 5 stars
    · 24 ratings · published 1999

    The war between Pleminar and Skala continues. There are growing rumors that Skala's ancient ally, Mycena, is about to join with the wealthier Pleminar, cutting Skala off from all trade routes. Now Alec and Seregil are sent on their most daring mission yet: convince the people of Aurenen, who exiled Seregil years ago, to join Skala and end the war... more

  • Glimpses: A Collection of Nightrunner Short Stories (Nightrunner #3.5)

    Glimpses: A Collection of Nightrunner Short Stories (Nightrunner #3.5)

    Lynn Flewelling

    Rated: 3.91 of 5 stars
    · 15 ratings · published 2010

    Lynn Flewelling's Glimpses explores "lost" moments from her popular Nightrunner Series, events alluded to or passed over - Alec's parents and childhood, Seregil's early liaisons in Skala, Seregil and Alec's first night as lovers, how Seregil and Micum Cavish met. Each story offers a new perspective on events readers have speculated about for years. For new readers, it offers an introduction to the characters Romantic Times calls "two of the most memorable heroes in fantasy... more

  • Shadows Return (Nightrunner #4)

    Shadows Return (Nightrunner #4)

    Lynn Flewelling

    Rated: 3.97 of 5 stars
    · 23 ratings · published 2008

    With their most treacherous mission yet behind them, heroes Seregil and Alec resume their double life as dissolute nobles and master spies. But in a world of rivals and charmers, fate has a different plan.… After their victory in Aurënen, Alec and Seregil have returned home to Rhíminee. But with most of their allies dead or exiled, it is difficult for them to settle in. Hoping for diversion, they accept an assignment that will take them back to Seregil’s homeland... more

  • The White Road (Nightrunner #5)

    The White Road (Nightrunner #5)

    Lynn Flewelling

    Rated: 3.99 of 5 stars
    · 22 ratings · published 2010

    Dissolute nobles, master spies, and the unlikeliest of heroes, Alec and Seregil have survived exile, treachery, and black magic. But the road that lies ahead is the most hazardous they’ve ever traveled. For with enemies on all sides, they must walk a narrow path between good and evil where one misstep might be their last.   Having escaped death and slavery in Plenimar, Alec and Seregil want nothing more than to go back to their nightrunning life in Rhíminee... more

  • Casket of Souls (Nightrunner #6)

    Casket of Souls (Nightrunner #6)

    Lynn Flewelling

    Rated: 4.16 of 5 stars
    · 21 ratings · published 2012

    The Nightrunners are back in this gripping novel full of Lynn Flewelling's trademark action, intrigue, and richly imagined characters. More than the dissolute noblemen they appear to be, Alec and Seregil are skillful spies, dedicated to serving queen and country. But when they stumble across evidence of a plot pitting Queen Phoria against Princess Klia, the two Nightrunners will find their loyalties torn as never before... more

  • Shards of Time (Nightrunner #7)

    Shards of Time (Nightrunner #7)

    Lynn Flewelling

    Rated: 4.31 of 5 stars
    · 18 ratings · published 2014

    Acclaimed author Lynn Flewelling brings her beloved Nightrunners series to a close—at least for now—with a thrilling novel of murder, mystery, and magic.   The governor of the sacred island of Korous and his mistress have been killed inside a locked and guarded room. The sole witnesses to the crime—guards who broke down the doors, hearing the screams from within—have gone mad with terror, babbling about ghosts . . . and things worse than ghosts... more

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