Shine Not Burn Series by Elle Casey

4.13 · 60 ratings
  • Shine Not Burn (Shine Not Burn #1)

    Shine Not Burn (Shine Not Burn #1)

    Elle Casey

    · 34 ratings · published 2013

    IT HAPPENED IN VEGAS. I can't be held responsible. Things that happen there are supposed to stay there, right? Right? Yeeeah. Not so much. Andie's just days away from tying the knot, but there's just ooooone little glitch. Apparently, she's already married. Or someone with her name is married to a guy out in Oregon of all places, and the courthouse won't issue her a marriage license until it's all cleared up... more

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  • MacKenzie Fire (Shine Not Burn #2)

    MacKenzie Fire (Shine Not Burn #2)

    Elle Casey

    · 26 ratings · published 2014

    Ian MacKenzie's been a cranky pain in the *ss for going on three years now, still bitter over his failed engagement and his life on the ranch. Enter Candice, his sister-in-law Andie's best friend, out for a two-week visit as they await the birth of Ian's first niece. Candice is a successful business owner, an expert with hair and fashion, determined to look gorgeous even while slipping and sliding all over the Oregon winter ice... more

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