Songs of Perdition Series by C.D. Reiss

4.25 · 27 ratings
  • Kick (Songs of Perdition #1)

    Kick (Songs of Perdition #1)

    C.D. Reiss

    · 15 ratings · published 0201

    From USA Today Bestseller - CD Reiss Fiona Drazen, sex addict, submissive slave, celebutante, trapped in a mental ward until Dr. Elliot Chapman can help her remember why she's there. But once she does, she might not want to go home to the Master she tried to kill. ***This is the first of a serial. It's about 120 pages and ends in a cliffhanger, because that's how I roll... more

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  • Use (Songs of Perdition #2)

    Use (Songs of Perdition #2)

    C.D. Reiss

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    In the end, did I stab him to be free of him? And free to what? Fuck? Snort? Party? Or free to be normal? It was a very interesting situation, up there on Maundy,” Elliot said. “Nothing like it in the world. It’s a safe place for people like me.” “People like you? Can you be more specific?” He ran his finger on the edge of his blotter, and a chill went up my inner thighs. “People like me means, I don’t know. Fuckers. We fuck because it’s what we do. Bus drivers drive... more

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