Deliver Series by Pam Godwin

3.97 · 144 ratings
  • Deliver (Deliver #1)

    Deliver (Deliver #1)

    Pam Godwin

    · 41 ratings · published 2014

    His name was Joshua Carter. Now it's whatever she wants it to be. She is a Deliverer. She lures young men and delivers them to be sold. She delivers the strikes that enforce their obedience. She delivers the sexual training that determines their purchase price. As long as she delivers, the arrangement that protects her family will hold. Delivering is all she knows. The one thing she can't deliver is a captive from slavery. Until him... more

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  • Vanquish (Deliver #2)

    Vanquish (Deliver #2)

    Pam Godwin

    · 28 ratings · published 2014

    Her life is like a prison cell. A self-made, to-hell-with-the-free-world existence that locks from the inside. Stop judging. Her agoraphobia doesn’t define her. It simply keeps her safe. He belongs in a prison cell. The 6x8, make-me-your-b*tch variety that locks from the outside. But he’s free. To hunt. To take. To break. And he just found a sexy new toy. Capturing her is the easy part. Her f*cked-up mind, however, makes him question everything he does next... more

  • Disclaim (Deliver #3)

    Disclaim (Deliver #3)

    Pam Godwin

    · 15 ratings · published 2016

    Camila was seventeen when Van Quiso kidnapped her. Ten years after her escape, the shackles refuse to release her. Not while there are still slave traders preying on her city. She will stop at nothing to end them. Even if that means becoming a slave again. Returning to chains is her worst fear—and only option. They won’t know who she is or what she intends to do. She’s prepared for every complication. Except him. The one who decimated her sixteen-year-old heart... more

  • Devastate (Deliver #4)

    Devastate (Deliver #4)

    Pam Godwin

    · 10 ratings · published 2018

    “What is the price you’re willing to pay?” “Money isn’t an issue.” “I’m not talking about money.” Tate is on the hunt to find his best friend’s sister. Eleven years ago, Lucia Dias was abducted. Presumed dead. He never met her, so why does he care? Some might call his efforts noble, but his motivation is more perverse, bordering on obsession. When he follows a chilling lead to Venezuela’s Kidnap Alley, what he finds is neither a corpse nor a captive... more

  • Take (Deliver #5)

    Take (Deliver #5)

    Pam Godwin

    · 14 ratings · published 2019

    He’s a notorious crime lord, a kidnapper, and an artist. Scarification is his outlet, and he just captured a new canvas. Kate refuses to surrender beneath his blade or the cruelty in his beautiful eyes. But she’s drawn to the man inside the monster. A man who makes her ache with his touch. Who owns her with his kiss. A man who worships her as deeply as he hurts her. She can run, but there’s no escape from a bond carved in scars... more

  • Manipulate (Deliver #6)

    Manipulate (Deliver #6)

    Pam Godwin

    · 8 ratings · published 2019

    Tula Gomez is in the most ruthless prison in Latin America. She only drove to Mexico to help her sister. She did nothing wrong. But her quiet life changed in an instant. To survive the violent, cartel-controlled prison where men blend with women, she pledges her loyalty to the notorious leader in exchange for the one thing she needs most. Protection. When she agrees to seduce the suspicious new inmates, Martin Lockwood and Ricky Saldivar, she doesn’t expect to enjoy it... more

  • Unshackle (Deliver #7)

    Unshackle (Deliver #7)

    Pam Godwin

    · 8 ratings · published 2020

    No woman can resist Luke Sanch’s chiseled features, honed physique, auburn hair, and intense green eyes.While deadly in combat, he’s an indomitable weapon in bed. He can coax an explosive release with only his mouth and annihilate with insidious, mind-blowing pleasure.When he infiltrates La Rocha Cartel, he must seduce Vera Gomez to determine whether to rescue her.Or kill her.Nothing can distract his icy, lethal focus.Except the cartel’s most feral captive... more

  • Dominate (Deliver #8)

    Dominate (Deliver #8)

    Pam Godwin

    · 9 ratings · published 2021

    There are many reasons to jump off a bridge, but Rylee Sutton only needs one.Her husband’s betrayal.Just before she leaps, she receives an email from a stranger.The boy’s message is meant for his dead girlfriend, but his anguish speaks to Rylee.It saves her life.Over the next decade, Tomas Dine continues to email his dead girl. As he evolves from a teenager into a hardened, vicious criminal, Rylee is there, reading every intimate word.He doesn’t know she exists... more

  • Complicate (Deliver #9)

    Complicate (Deliver #9)

    Pam Godwin

    · 8 ratings · published 2021

    The heart-pounding conclusion of the DELIVER series.Cole Hartman is a mystery.He works alone, sleeps alone, and satisfies his aches…alone. He hasn’t touched a woman in seven years.No one will ever compare to the one who broke his heart.Until he stares into the seductive eyes of his enemy.He finally meets his match in the redheaded Russian spy.But she’s a dangerous risk. His obsession with her leaves him only one choice.If you love something, let it go... more

  • Into Temptation (Deliver #7-9)

    Into Temptation (Deliver #7-9)

    Pam Godwin

    · 3 ratings · published 2021

    Three heart-pounding dark romance thrillers from New York Times bestselling author, Pam Unshackle, Dominate, and Complicate."If you love something, let it go. If it doesn't kill you, hunt it down and take it."Cole Hartman is a mystery. He works alone, sleeps alone, and satisfies his aches...alone. He hasn't touched a woman in seven years. No one will ever compare to the one who broke his heart. Until he stares into the seductive eyes of his enemy... more

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