Songs of Corruption Series by C.D. Reiss

4.11 · 54 ratings
  • Spin (Songs of Corruption #1)

    Spin (Songs of Corruption #1)

    C.D. Reiss

    · 21 ratings · published 2014

    Mafia capo, Antonio Spinelli blew through my orderly life like a cyclone. Gorgeous and passionate, with a breathtaking brutality, he put me under his spell the moment he touched me, drawing me into his underworld of risk, violence and betrayal. And I found, just as this sophisticated savage didn’t trust me, I didn’t trust myself. Something happened to me. Some alchemy from the heat between us. I discovered I was a savage, too.

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  • Ruin (Songs of Corruption #2)

    Ruin (Songs of Corruption #2)

    C.D. Reiss

    · 17 ratings · published 0201

    **Ya gotta read Spin before you read Ruin** Antonio is a killer. He's beautiful, educated, a prodigy of a thief and as violent a motherfucker as ever came of the boat from Napoli. Theresa knows it, but that doesn't stop her from getting emotionally and physically entangled with him, and this is how, maybe, she got it in her head that she can protect him. But it's not her job to save him, and she's just not getting that... more

  • Rule (Songs of Corruption #3)

    Rule (Songs of Corruption #3)

    C.D. Reiss

    · 16 ratings · published 0201

    Songs of CorruptionBook Two - UntitledVERY squishy release date - 7/2/14The story of Theresa Drazen, proper lady, and Antonio Spinelli, ambitious mobster.

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