Power Exchange Series by A.J. Rose

4.21 · 42 ratings
  • Power Exchange (Power Exchange #1)

    Power Exchange (Power Exchange #1)

    A.J. Rose

    · 16 ratings · published 2012

    From the moment Detective Gavin DeGrassi steps into the world of BDSM to solve the brutal slaying of Dom George Kaiser, his course is not his own. Mesmerized by the context in which the victim lived and the images of the lifestyle seared into his soul, Gavin must find a way to navigate these unknown waters... more

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  • Safeword (Power Exchange #2)

    Safeword (Power Exchange #2)

    A.J. Rose

    · 15 ratings · published 2013

    Everywhere Detective Gavin DeGrassi looks he’s reminded of his attack by the Breath Play Killer. It’s in the house he lives in with his partner and Dom, Ben Haverson. It’s in the sympathetic yet pitying looks he receives from his fellow detectives when he returns to the force after a year-long hiatus. It’s in the suffocating coddling of his entire family, and the relentless reporter demanding an exclusive of his ordeal... more

  • Consent (Power Exchange #3)

    Consent (Power Exchange #3)

    A.J. Rose

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    Content Warning: contains scenes of rape and graphic violence and may not be suitable for sensitive readers. Discretion advised. Cole, what’s wrong? Former detective Gavin DeGrassi likes his new life and his job as a university professor, molding the minds of the next generation of law enforcement. It keeps him in the field he loves, but out of the media and out of the danger he seems to draw. He’s settled and happy with his partner and Dom, Ben Haverson. It’s Myah... more

  • Restraint (Power Exchange #4)

    Restraint (Power Exchange #4)

    A.J. Rose

    · 1 ratings · published 2018

    Who brings a Glock on a honeymoon? Not retired detective Gavin DeGrassi. When his husband Ben asks who he plans to shoot, Gavin has no answer. They’re spending three weeks in Ben’s family cabin near Seattle, not chasing down bad guys. Or are they? Ben finds evidence the car accident that claimed his parents’ lives more than fifteen years ago was not so accidental. To avenge the Haversons, Gavin dusts off his detective skills and unknowingly paints a target on their backs... more

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