Haardrad Viking Family Series by Johanna Lindsey

4.09 · 60 ratings
  • Fires of Winter (Haardrad Viking Family #1)

    Fires of Winter (Haardrad Viking Family #1)

    Johanna Lindsey

    · 38 ratings · published 2002

    NEVER A VIKING'S CAPTIVE Lovely and dauntless, abducted by invaders from across an icy sea, Lady Brenna vowed vengeance -- swearing no Viking brute would be her master...no barbarian would enslave her noble Celtic heart... more

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  • Surrender My Love (Haardrad Viking Family #3)

    Surrender My Love (Haardrad Viking Family #3)

    Johanna Lindsey

    · 22 ratings · published 2003

    A Lady's Scorn Wrongly branded a spy, the dark and handsome Viking lord Selig Haardrad suffered greatly in the dungeons of Lady Erika of Gronwood. And as he hung in chains, his magnificent body wracked with pain and fever, one thought sustained him: revenge! A Viking's Vengence Now Destiny's great wheel has turned--and Selig's exquisite, hone-haired tormentor has been delivered into the Norseman's hands... more

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