Trust Series by Kristin Mayer, Jovana Shirley

4.20 · 37 ratings
  • Trust Me (Trust #1)

    Trust Me (Trust #1)

    Kristin Mayer

    · 15 ratings · published 2014

    A difficult year filled with loss and heartache leaves Allison Scott withdrawn and emotionally disconnected. When she is finally ready to move forward with her life, she embarks on a getaway vacation to Miami, determined to find healing from the painful memories in her past. Damien Wales also has a tragic past that has left him a cold and distant person. However, the moment he sees Allison, he’s inexplicably drawn to her, and he is a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants... more

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  • Love Me (Trust #2)

    Love Me (Trust #2)

    Kristin Mayer

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    Engaged and happily in love, Allison Scott and Damien Wales are looking forward to joining their lives together as one. Coming from a mournful year after losing her parents, Allison is ready to heal and move on to the next chapter with the love of her life. But Damien’s past continues to threaten their future. A man once obsessed with Damien’s sister is now after his one and only love, Allison. The woman who came before Allison is determined to captivate Damien’s heart... more

  • Promise Me (Trust #3)

    Promise Me (Trust #3)

    Kristin Mayer

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    With her best friend happily married and now pregnant, Sam Matthews should be overjoyed. Instead, she can only see what is missing in her life. Pushing her emotions aside, she retreats to a piece of her past that she’s kept hidden, something that even her best friend knows nothing about. Taking a step into her future, Sam moves to North Carolina where she once again encounters Mark Robertson... more

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