Filthy Marcellos Series by Bethany-Kris

4.12 · 88 ratings
  • Antony (Filthy Marcellos #0.5)

    Antony (Filthy Marcellos #0.5)


    · 16 ratings · published 2015

    Antony Marcello didn’t break the rules. Not the ones that mattered, anyway. In the world of La Cosa Nostra, justice was served with a single word and a bullet, not a courthouse and a judge. When he was told to jump, there was only one appropriate response: How high, Boss? Some rules are worth bending. La famiglia has been Antony’s goal for longer than he cares to remember. Getting his button is everything alongside family, honor, God, and loyalty... more

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  • Filthy Marcellos: The Complete Collection (Filthy Marcellos #0.5-4)

    Filthy Marcellos: The Complete Collection (Filthy Marcellos #0.5-4)


    · 6 ratings · published 2016

    Filthy Marcellos: La Cosa Nostra is not just a choice of regime and routine, it’s a culture. Born as mafia royalty, the Marcello brothers were raised ingrained with the beliefs and rules of what it meant to be a Mafioso prince. It is for life. Their status is considered a given right. They will always be these people. They will always be Marcellos. Family first. God second. From bosses and sons, to husbands and lovers. Made men, fathers, and killers... more

  • Filthy Marcellos: Lucian (Filthy Marcellos #1)

    Filthy Marcellos: Lucian (Filthy Marcellos #1)


    · 20 ratings · published 2015

    Lucian Marcello is aware of the expectations following him as the oldest son of one of North America’s most infamous Cosa Nostra Dons. Family in his world is more than blood and sharing a last name. It’s the honor, respect, business, and the life. Being a Capo is just a stepping stone until it’s time for him to take on the role of underboss but a chance meeting with her could be the one thing he’d risk it all for. She is exactly what he didn’t know he was looking for... more

  • Filthy Marcellos: Giovanni (Filthy Marcellos #2)

    Filthy Marcellos: Giovanni (Filthy Marcellos #2)


    · 16 ratings · published 2015

    Giovanni Marcello lives life by his own terms and has no intention of changing. As a Capo and the son of a mob boss, he knows what is and is not acceptable conduct. That doesn’t stop him from doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants to do it. The one thing he would never do is disobey the principles of La Cosa Nostra. That is, until he spends a night with a beautiful stranger. He’ll break every rule for her. Kim Abella has made some mistakes—no doubt about it... more

  • Filthy Marcellos: Dante (Filthy Marcellos #3)

    Filthy Marcellos: Dante (Filthy Marcellos #3)


    · 24 ratings · published 2015

    Dante Marcello’s life has been a carefully planned event as an heir to a Cosa Nostra throne. For as long as he can remember, he’s had one goal in mind, and that’s becoming the Don. With his father ready to step down, it’s Dante’s turn to step up. But without a wife at his side, his seat as the boss is on shaky ground. Until she shows up with an offer he wants to refuse, but can’t. With her, he’s got everything to gain. Catrina Danzi is known for her angel face and a predator’s grace... more

  • A Very Marcello Christmas (Filthy Marcellos #5)

    A Very Marcello Christmas (Filthy Marcellos #5)


    · 6 ratings · published 2017

    Join the Marcellos as they celebrate the holidays … Cecelia wants one thing for Christmas, and Antony thinks he can make the impossible happen for her. Never underestimate a man who loves his wife. Lucian and Jordyn struggle to make this Christmas perfect for their kids when life gets in the way. Someone waiting in the wings is willing to play Santa to make it all happen. Dante and Catrina battle the stress of managing work and family through the holidays... more

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