Cat Royal Series by Julia Golding

4.16 · 40 ratings
  • The Diamond of Drury Lane (Cat Royal #1)

    The Diamond of Drury Lane (Cat Royal #1)

    Julia Golding

    · 16 ratings · published 2009

    Reader, you are set to embark on an adventure about one hidden treasure, two bare-knuckle boxers, three enemies, and four hundred and thirty-eight rioters. It is told by an ignorant and prejudiced author—me.She’s Cat Royal, four foot four with long red hair and not a penny to call her own. She lives in the Theater Royal on Drury Lane, a place filled with dramatic characters, theatrical spectacles, and now, a secret treasure—which Cat has been asked to protect... more

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  • Den of Thieves (Cat Royal #3)

    Den of Thieves (Cat Royal #3)

    Julia Golding

    · 12 ratings · published 2010

    Cat Royal's guardian, commissions her as a spy in the French Revolution. Disguised as a member of a dance troupe, Cat infiltrates the front lines. But when her friends are captured as traitors, will Cat be able to save them from certain death?

  • Cat-O'nine Tails (Cat Royal #4)

    Cat-O'nine Tails (Cat Royal #4)

    Julia Golding

    · 12 ratings · published 2007

    Cat O'Nine Tails Cat, feisty heroine of "Cat Royal"... becomes an unlikely recruit for the British Navy, takes passage to America and navigates her way through a fiendish plot to do away with Lord Francis, heir to a dukedom. From the grand Assembly Rooms of Bath to the wilds of a new frontier, Cat finds she is for once quite out of her depth. Full description

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