McClouds & Friends Series by Shannon McKenna

4.05 · 190 ratings
  • Behind Closed Doors (McClouds & Friends #1)

    Behind Closed Doors (McClouds & Friends #1)

    Shannon McKenna

    · 28 ratings · published 2003

    EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE . . . Surveillance expert Seth Mackey knows everything about the women that his millionaire boss toys with–and tosses aside. Raine Cameron is something different. Night after night, Seth watches her on a dozen different video screens. Her vulnerable beauty haunts him and her fresh innocence stirs a white-hot passion that he can barely control. Raine is pure temptation, but Seth has something more important to take care of first... more

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  • Standing in the Shadows (McClouds & Friends #2)

    Standing in the Shadows (McClouds & Friends #2)

    Shannon McKenna

    · 18 ratings · published 2003

    Ex-FBI agent Connor McCloud can never forget the day he was set up to die at the hands of trusted friend and fellow agent Ed Riggs. Hard justice and loyalty to his badge have cost Connor what he wants most--Ed's shy, studious daughter Erin. He can never have her now, but her beauty still haunts and torments his every waking hour and his most fevered erotic dreams... more

  • Out Of Control (McClouds & Friends #3)

    Out Of Control (McClouds & Friends #3)

    Shannon McKenna

    · 16 ratings · published 2006

    In Behind Closed Doors and Standing in the Shadows, Shannon McKenna introduced the McCloud Brothers: intense, rugged, super-sexy, and deliciously sensual. Now, Davy McCloud is about to meet a woman he can't trust--or live without . . . Disillusioned P.I Davy McCloud has learned the hard way not to follow blind impulse when it comes to women. He'd rather play it safe, and keep his life simple, calm and uncomplicated... more

  • Edge of Midnight (McClouds & Friends #4)

    Edge of Midnight (McClouds & Friends #4)

    Shannon McKenna

    · 21 ratings · published 2009

    Shannon McKenna creates characters readers never forget--and in her latest novel, Sean McCloud must protect the woman he has never stopped loving: Liv Endicott. Years ago, Sean had to send Liv Endicott away to save her life. Now he has to keep her closer, very close--for the same reason . . . THE BREAKING POINT On the very day an arsonist burns down Liv's bookstore in a small town in the Washington mountains, she finds fate has another shock in store for her... more

  • Extreme Danger (McClouds & Friends #5)

    Extreme Danger (McClouds & Friends #5)

    Shannon McKenna

    · 21 ratings · published 2010

    Enter the seductive world of Shannon McKenna, where passion and suspense are intertwined, and love is the riskiest venture of all . . . ON THE EDGE Nobody's home at the millionaire's estate on remote Frakes Island. And nobody seems to be watching. Becca Cantrell dives in for an illicit midnight skinnydip--and gets hauled out by a towering, hard-muscled guy with burning dark eyes. He seems to be in charge. Good. The man is the embodiment of her most intense fantasies... more

  • Ultimate Weapon (McClouds & Friends #6)

    Ultimate Weapon (McClouds & Friends #6)

    Shannon McKenna

    · 16 ratings · published 2011

    Tamara’s a bad girl with a dangerous difference. Enter a terrifying, sexually charged world of thrilling suspense where love is the riskiest game of all . . . THE FIRST CUT IS THE DEEPEST Covert operations are what Val Janos is all about. The man is mysterious and sinister, and lethally hot. Only Tamara can understand the strange intensity that drives him to win at all costs—and only she can match it... more

  • Fade To Midnight (McClouds & Friends #7)

    Fade To Midnight (McClouds & Friends #7)

    Shannon McKenna

    · 18 ratings · published 2011

    The "New York Times-"bestselling author of "Ultimate Weapon" and "Extreme Danger" introduces the long-lost sibling of her beloved McCloud brothers, in her steamiest and most riveting romantic suspense novel yet. Beaten and tortured almost to death, Kev Larsen was found eighteen years earlier in a warehouse alley. He survived his brutal ordeal, but his memories before that night were completely erased, until brain surgery triggers fragmented, terrifying flashbacks... more

  • Blood and Fire (McClouds & Friends #8)

    Blood and Fire (McClouds & Friends #8)

    Shannon McKenna

    · 14 ratings · published 2012

    Restless and impulsive, Bruno Ranieri has the temperament to fit right in with the McClouds. And just like the McCloud brothers, Bruno has a dangerous past to contend with - one that's about to come crashing back into his life...Bruno Ranieri has always lived at a chaotic pace, and that goes double lately. Since his uncle's untimely demise, Bruno is working himself to the bone, trying to keep his nose clean and save the family business... more

  • One Wrong Move (McClouds & Friends #9)

    One Wrong Move (McClouds & Friends #9)

    Shannon McKenna

    · 13 ratings · published 2012

    When a ruthless crime syndicate wants social worker Nina Christie to disappear, her only chance to survive is with Alex Aaro. Secrets Never Die Alex Aaro has spent most of his life on the run from his ruthless, toxic family. But when he learns that crazy Aunt Tonya, the only relative who ever gave a damn about him, is dying, he risks returning home to say goodbye... more

  • Fatal Strike (McClouds & Friends #10)

    Fatal Strike (McClouds & Friends #10)

    Shannon McKenna

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    When Lara Kirk was abducted months ago, Miles Davenport vowed he'd bring her home. But the mission failed. Miles has become totally obsessed; he can practically hear Lara pleading for him to save her. Finding her after all this time will be next to impossible...Lara Kirk lives in a shadowy world where reality and fantasy are one. Her captors have poisoned her body with concoctions that enhance psychic abilities--and they seem to be working... more

  • In For the Kill (McClouds & Friends #11)

    In For the Kill (McClouds & Friends #11)

    Shannon McKenna

    · 13 ratings · published 2015

    The risks ex-cop Sam Petrie has taken have turned his life into a train wreck. So he has nothing to lose by doubling down as the elusive Svetlana Ardova's unwanted bodyguard on a potentially deadly trip to Italy. Ever since the McClouds rescued Sveti from certain death, her crusade against modern slavery has blazoned a bulls-eye on her chest, but when one of the threats against her almost hits the mark, Sam's protective instincts go into overdrive... more

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