Angels Trilogy Series by Lurlene McDaniel

4.21 · 48 ratings
  • Angels Watching Over Me (Angels Trilogy #1)

    Angels Watching Over Me (Angels Trilogy #1)

    Lurlene McDaniel

    · 18 ratings · published 2002

    Happy Holidays! Bah humbug. "Happy" is not the way Leah Lewis-Hall would describe herself at the moment. She's spending her twelve days of Christmas in an Indianapolis hospital, while her mother is thousands of miles away on a honeymoon with husband number five. Leah went to the doctor with nothing more than a broken finger, but he ordered her to undergo some tests. Now she's stuck in the hospital, alone... more

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  • Lifted Up by Angels (Angels Trilogy #2)

    Lifted Up by Angels (Angels Trilogy #2)

    Lurlene McDaniel

    · 14 ratings · published 2002

    The companion to the Publishers Weekly bestseller Angels Watching Over Me. This inspirational novel follows the story of Leah and her friendship with the Amish family she met while hospitalized for cancer treatment.  When Leah takes a summer job near their Amish community, she is happy to be near Ethan again.  He is now at the age at which an Amish young man is allowed a taste of non-Amish life before committing to the adults' rules... more

  • Until Angels Close My Eyes (Angels Trilogy #3)

    Until Angels Close My Eyes (Angels Trilogy #3)

    Lurlene McDaniel

    · 16 ratings · published 2002

    Be sure to read this summer's highly anticipated companion to Angels Watching Over Me and Lifted Up by Angels: Until Angels Close My Eyes When Neil, Leah's warm and loving step-father, reveals that his cancer is no longer in remission, Leah finds comfort in a visit to Amish country to see her true love, Ethan.  When Ethan chooses to leave his life on the farm, he moves in with Leah and her family... more

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