Chasing Nikki Series by Lacey Weatherford, Chase Walden

4.01 · 52 ratings
  • Chasing Nikki (Chasing Nikki #1)

    Chasing Nikki (Chasing Nikki #1)

    Lacey Weatherford

    · 24 ratings · published 2012

    Chase Walker used to be a good kid-charming, athletic, and with a bright future ahead, but that was before travesty struck his life, sinking him into deep despair. Caught up in a world of drugs and alcohol, he doesn't notice time slipping away until he's arrested for underage drinking one night. Fed up with watching her son destroy his life, Chase's mom relocates him to live in a small ranching community with his ex-military grandfather... more

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  • Finding Chase (Chasing Nikki #2)

    Finding Chase (Chasing Nikki #2)

    Lacey Weatherford

    · 18 ratings · published 2012

    Life hasn’t been easy for Chase Walker. He’s experienced tragedy, and at times he’s not sure he wants to continue living. But he made a vow to go on with his life, and he intends to keep it. After getting a college scholarship to play football, Chase heads off to school, hoping his time on the field will help to bury the intense emotions that still linger in his heart... more

  • Chased Dreams (Chasing Nikki #3)

    Chased Dreams (Chasing Nikki #3)

    Chase Walden, Lacey Weatherford

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    Dreams of the future, dreams of love and happiness, dreams of being able to move on and get past the heartache that still resides in his soul, Chase Walker believes things are finally starting to look up. But are they really? When Chase suffers a devastating injury on the football field, his life is thrown into a tailspin once again... more

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