Crystal Singer Series by Anne McCaffrey

4.03 · 70 ratings
  • Crystal Singer (Crystal Singer #1)

    Crystal Singer (Crystal Singer #1)

    Anne McCaffrey

    · 25 ratings · published 1982

    Her name was Killashandra Ree. And after ten grueling years of musical training, she was still without prospects. Until she heard of the mysterious Heptite Guild who could provide careers, security, and wealth beyond imagining. The problem was, few people who landed on Ballybran ever left. But to Killashandra the risks were acceptable....

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  • Killashandra (Crystal Singer #2)

    Killashandra (Crystal Singer #2)

    Anne McCaffrey

    · 25 ratings · published 1986

    At first Killashandra Ree's ambitions to become a Crystal Singer, get rich, and forget her past, were going just as she had hoped. But after she grew wealthy, a devastating storm turned her claim to useless rock. In short order she was broke, she had crystal sickness so bad she thought she was going to die, and the only way she could be true to the man she loved was to leave him....

  • Crystal Line (Crystal Singer #3)

    Crystal Line (Crystal Singer #3)

    Anne McCaffrey

    · 20 ratings · published 1993

    "A treat for long-time McCaffrey fans, a good read and a satisfying look at one of the most haunting facets of the crystal singers' profession." LOCUS When Killashandra Ree joined the mysterious Heptite Guild, she knew that she would be forever changed. Crystal singing brought ecstasy and pain, near-eternal life...and gradual loss of memory. What she hadn't counted on was the loneliness she felt when her heart still remembered what her mind had forgotten... more

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