Alexandra Jones Series by Samantha Towle

3.84 · 37 ratings
  • First Bitten (Alexandra Jones #1)

    First Bitten (Alexandra Jones #1)

    Samantha Towle

    · 18 ratings · published 2013

    A love story with bite …... Walking home after a night out drowning her sorrows with her best friend, Carrie, Alexandra Jones stupidly takes a phone call from her cheating ex-boyfriend, Eddie, and in her anger hurls her phone into the forest before her. But when Alex goes to retrieve her phone from the undergrowth, she and Carrie come face-to-face with a monster they never even knew existed, a Vârcolac (a nightmarish vampire-werewolf hybrid) and he's in search of fresh blood... more

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  • Original Sin (Alexandra Jones #2)

    Original Sin (Alexandra Jones #2)

    Samantha Towle

    · 17 ratings · published 2012

    Original Sin is book two in the Alexandra Jones series, the sequel to First Bitten. Alex has run. Leaving everything she knows and loves … Nathan, behind. She’s a fugitive; hiding from the Original Vârcolacs who want to claim her for themselves. Hiding in Italy, she has changed her identity and her appearance; working in a coffee shop in the quiet town of Sassano. Then Zeff steps into her life... more

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