Wild Riders Series by Jaci Burton

4.06 · 83 ratings
  • Riding Wild (Wild Riders #1)

    Riding Wild (Wild Riders #1)

    Jaci Burton

    · 18 ratings · published 2008

    He's a Harley-riding ex-thief...she's a gun-toting ex-socialite. Together they'll take the ride of a lifetime in this erotic romance from "an undoubted master."* Mac Canfield was the last man Lily West expected to see again, never mind aim her gun at. But there he was, the bad boy who'd broken her heart years ago-still a thief, hijacking a priceless artifact-and it was all she could do to push aside the memories of how it felt to have his perfectly chiseled body next to hers... more

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  • Riding Temptation (Wild Riders #2)

    Riding Temptation (Wild Riders #2)

    Jaci Burton

    · 16 ratings · published 2008

    He’s a biker working undercover for the Feds. She joined the Wild Riders for reasons of her own. Together, they’re burning up the asphalt and tearing headlong into danger and passion… Ever since runaway Jessie Matthews teamed up with the gang of special ops bikers, the guys of the Wild Riders have thought of her as their kid sister. Except for Diaz Delgado. Over the past few years he’s been watching the budding of a ripe young woman... more

  • Riding on Instinct (Wild Riders #3)

    Riding on Instinct (Wild Riders #3)

    Jaci Burton

    · 16 ratings · published 2009

    "Hot, sexy, romantic suspense at its best"(New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh) from the national bestselling author of Riding Temptation. Department of Justice agent Shadoe Grayson is out to prove she's no rookie, and eagerly accepts her first undercover assignment at a strip club in New Orleans. Working with the Wild Riders, a government agency of bad boy bikers, her goal is to expose a corrupt DEA agent. All she has to do is learn to strip like a pro... more

  • Riding the Edge (Wild Riders #3.5)

    Riding the Edge (Wild Riders #3.5)

    Jaci Burton

    · 2 ratings · published 2019

    New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton lets loose in a story of a hot undercover Wild Rider biker hired to keep an eye on the reckless daughter of a Nevada senator. Wild Rider Rick Benetti has been tasked with keeping watch over a senator’s daughter Ava Vargas. She’s joined the Hellraisers, a biker gang suspected of drug smuggling. Not a hard assignment for Rick—Ava is beautiful and fun, and he's looking forward to getting up close and personal with his charge... more

  • Riding to Sunset (Wild Riders #4.5)

    Riding to Sunset (Wild Riders #4.5)

    Jaci Burton

    · 2 ratings · published 2019

    New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton blisters the asphalt in another steamy Wild Rider novella where a hot biker craves a life of passion and danger--and finds it with the woman he's sworn to protect. Jed Templeton is one of the newest Wild Riders, and anxious for adventure. He doesn't expect to be tasked for a personal mission by his boss General Grange Lee... more

  • Riding the Night (Wild Riders #5)

    Riding the Night (Wild Riders #5)

    Jaci Burton

    · 17 ratings · published 2010

    AJ and Pax are undercover operatives for a government agency of bad-boy bikers known as the Wild Riders. While AJ is visiting Teresa, a high school sweetheart, a fight erupts in her bar between two biker gangs. One man is left dead and Teresa's brother is wrongly accused of murder... more

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