Turning Point Series by N.R. Walker

4.09 · 39 ratings
  • Point of No Return (Turning Point #1)

    Point of No Return (Turning Point #1)

    N.R. Walker

    · 15 ratings · published 2013

    Matthew Elliot is one of LA’s best detectives—a smart, tough, closeted gay man. When he falls for his gym instructor, it’s not his colleagues he should be worried about finding out…it’s the bad guys. Matthew Elliot is one of LA’s best detectives. He's been labelled the golden boy of the Fab Four: a team of four detectives who've closed down drug-rings all over the city. He’s smart, tough and exceptionally good at his job. He's also a closeted gay man... more

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  • Breaking Point (Turning Point #2)

    Breaking Point (Turning Point #2)

    N.R. Walker

    · 13 ratings · published 2014

    A fight for what’s right becomes a fight for his life. As guilt plagues him, Matthew Elliott’s world begins to spiral out of control. The harder he holds on, the more it slips through his fingers, and he’s helpless to stop it. Entering into the underground cage-fighting scene, he starts out fighting for what’s right. The deeper he gets, the more guilt consumes him – the more pain he takes for his penance, and he’s soon fighting for more than justice. He’s fighting for love... more

  • Starting Point (Turning Point #3)

    Starting Point (Turning Point #3)

    N.R. Walker

    · 11 ratings · published 2014

    After going past the point of no return and finally reaching breaking point, the only thing Matthew Elliott can do now is start over. Matthew Elliott is a recovering man. As an ex-cop and ex-fighter, his new job teaching kids at the local community gym about drug awareness and self-defence, is a little bit of both. His new focus on helping street kids is helping him heal, and with Kira by his side, he’s making strides... more

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