Wherlocke Series by Hannah Howell

4.24 · 111 ratings
  • If He's Wicked (Wherlocke #1)

    If He's Wicked (Wherlocke #1)

    Hannah Howell

    · 19 ratings · published 2011

    For Chloe Wherlocke, it all begins with a vision--a glimpse into the future that foretells a terrible plot against Lord Julian Kenwood and his newborn son. Chloe's psychic gift allows her to save the child from certain death, but the earl remains in grave peril. . . Julian Kenwood knows someone is trying to kill him and he suspects his scheming wife and her lover are behind the plot... more

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  • If He's Sinful (Wherlocke #2)

    If He's Sinful (Wherlocke #2)

    Hannah Howell

    · 21 ratings · published 2009

    It is whispered throughout London that the members of the Wherlocke family are possessed of certain unexplainable gifts. But Lord Ashton Radmoor is skeptical - until he finds an innocent beauty lying drugged and helpless in the bedroom of a brothel. The mystery woman is Penelope Wherlock, and her special gift of sight is leading her deep into a dangerous world of treachery and betrayal... more

  • If He's Wild (Wherlocke #3)

    If He's Wild (Wherlocke #3)

    Hannah Howell

    · 16 ratings · published 2010

    Lady Alethea Vaughn Channing is haunted by a vision of a man in danger - the same man who she has seen in dreams time and time again. She doesn't even know his name, and yet she feels the connection between them, knows she is the only one standing between him and disaster. But rakish Lord Hartley Greville is capable of protecting himself, as he has proven more than once in his perilous work as a spy for the crown... more

  • If He's Dangerous (Wherlocke #4)

    If He's Dangerous (Wherlocke #4)

    Hannah Howell

    · 15 ratings · published 2011

    "New York Times" bestseller Hannah Howell's extraordinary Wherlocke family returns with the story of a passion that will heed no resistance, no matter how deadly... When Lorelei Sundun first finds Sir Argus Wherlocke in her garden, she's never heard of the mysterious Wherlocke clan-or their otherworldly abilities. That changes the moment she watches Argus-the most tantalizing man she's ever seen-disappear before her very eyes. What she's witnessed should be impossible... more

  • If He's Tempted (Wherlocke #5)

    If He's Tempted (Wherlocke #5)

    Hannah Howell

    · 14 ratings · published 2013

    Lady Olympia Wherlocke has the gift of foresight. When Lady Agatha Mallam asks Olympia to locate her brother so he can rescue her from an arranged marriage, she knows exactly where to find Lord Brant Mallam, Earl of Fieldgate. What happens next is something she never envisioned… Since his betrothed died, Lord Brant Mallam has drowned his sorrow with wine and women. His dissolute ways have only emboldened his calculating mother... more

  • If He's Daring (Wherlocke #6)

    If He's Daring (Wherlocke #6)

    Hannah Howell

    · 14 ratings · published 2014

    In a dazzling new novel in the Wherlocke family saga, New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell creates an unforgettable story of intrigue, jeopardy, and desire. . . Stealing a stranger's carriage is the second most reckless thing Lady Catrin Gryffin de Warrene has ever done. The first is succumbing to her powerful attraction to the carriage's owner. Catrin has heard the rumors about Sir Orion Wherlocke's family and their otherworldly gifts... more

  • If He's Noble (Wherlocke #7)

    If He's Noble (Wherlocke #7)

    Hannah Howell

    · 12 ratings · published 2015

    New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell delivers adventure and instant attraction in this all-new Wherlocke Family novel... For Lady Primrose Wootten nothing has been ordinary since her father the Baron died and his wayward family filled the estate with greed and treachery. Primrose knows if she can just track down her brother, he can send the odious relations on their way... more

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