The Obernewtyn Chronicles Series by Isobelle Carmody

3.99 · 91 ratings
  • Obernewtyn (The Obernewtyn Chronicles #1)

    Obernewtyn (The Obernewtyn Chronicles #1)

    Isobelle Carmody

    · 26 ratings · published 2008

    The Obernewtyn Chronicles - Book OneFor Elspeth Gordie freedom is-like so much else after the Great White-a memory. It was a time known as the Age of Chaos. In a final explosive flash everything was destroyed. The few who survived banded together and formed a Council for protection. But people like Elspeth-mysteriously born with powerful mental abilities-are feared by the Council and hunted down like be destroyed.Her only hope for survival to is keep her power hidden... more

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  • The Farseekers (The Obernewtyn Chronicles #2)

    The Farseekers (The Obernewtyn Chronicles #2)

    Isobelle Carmody

    · 21 ratings · published 2008

    A Children's Book Council of Australia Honor Book In this powerful sequel to Obernewtyn , young Elspeth Gordie-possessed of extraordinary mental powers-has united with others Misfits for refuge on the remote mountain keep of Obernewtyn. Yet the threat from the totalitarian Council to their safety is ever present. Their only defense is to work hard to develop their mental powers before an inevitable confrontation... more

  • The Stone Key (The Obernewtyn Chronicles #5)

    The Stone Key (The Obernewtyn Chronicles #5)

    Isobelle Carmody

    · 17 ratings · published 2008

    There was a great crash and wood splintered...I had a brief glimpse of a group of Herder priests, bald and robed, peering at me, and then the sundered remnants of the locker door were torn aside and a rough hand reached in to haul me out by the hair. A Hedra captain stared into my face with eyes that burned with a fanatical fire above a thin nose and a lipless slash of a mouth..."You will die in great pain and very slowly, mutant," said the Hedra master... more

  • The Sending (The Obernewtyn Chronicles #6)

    The Sending (The Obernewtyn Chronicles #6)

    Isobelle Carmody

    · 15 ratings · published 2014

    It came to me then, like a chilly draught from an unseen gap, that I had always known in my deepest heart that it would be like this, a slipping away from a life full of people I had come to love, in a place I had helped to shape, in a land I had helped to free. The time has come at last for Elspeth Gordie to leave the Land on her quest to find and stop the computermachine Sentinel from unleashing the deadly Balance of Terror arsenal... more

  • The Red Queen (The Obernewtyn Chronicles #7)

    The Red Queen (The Obernewtyn Chronicles #7)

    Isobelle Carmody

    · 13 ratings · published 2014

    The post-apocalyptic fantasy series reaches its heartbreaking, world-shaking conclusion! Award-winning Australian author Isobelle Carmody concludes the epic story of Elspeth Gordie, a heroine in the vein of Tamora Pierce's most memorable and empowering protagonists. The final chapter in the eight-book Obernewtyn Chronicles, The Red Queen is a YA fantasy novel decades in the making... more

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