Midnight Series by Lisa Marie Rice

3.97 · 81 ratings
  • Midnight Run (Midnight #2)

    Midnight Run (Midnight #2)

    Lisa Marie Rice

    · 16 ratings · published 2004

    Claire Parks has been very sick, but she's fine now—just fine—and ready to paint the town red. Well, pink. On her first excursion into the wild world of dating, she nets Bud, a tall, sexy, good-looking lumberjack. She won him fair and square, her prize for not dying. But after a weekend of wild sex, she discovers he's not what she thinks he is. Undercover police officer Lieutenant Tyler "Bud" Morrison can't believe his eyes... more

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  • Midnight Angel (Midnight #3)

    Midnight Angel (Midnight #3)

    Lisa Marie Rice

    · 21 ratings · published 2006

    Her nightmares don't stop when she opens her eyes… In one night, talented musician Allegra Ennis lost her sight, her father and her career in a brutal attack she can't remember. Now she's alone in a world of darkness, her only company the nightmares in her head…and a killer is stalking her every move. Scarred and disfigured by war, tough former SEAL Douglas Kowalski never thought a beauty like Allegra could love someone like him. He doesn't expect more than a one-night stand... more

  • Midnight Shadows (Midnight #3.5)

    Midnight Shadows (Midnight #3.5)

    Lisa Marie Rice

    · 10 ratings · published 2014

    She sees shadows that aren't there. Gifted harpist Allegra Kowalski has had risky surgery to restore her sight. It has been a long hard road back. Her husband, former SEAL Douglas Kowalski, has been with her every step of the way, loving and protective, but is no longer the sex god in bed he used to be. He treats her like a fragile piece of glass. He loves her deeply but won't touch her. He can't see that she is ready to be a wife again and not a patient... more

  • Midnight Vengeance (Midnight #4)

    Midnight Vengeance (Midnight #4)

    Lisa Marie Rice

    · 12 ratings · published 2014

    Morton “Jacko” Jackman isn’t afraid of anything. He’s a former Navy SEAL sniper, and he’s been in more firefights than most people have had hot meals. Lauren Dare scares the crap out of him. Gorgeous, talented and refined, she’s the type of woman who could never be interested in a roughneck like him. So he’s loved her fiercely in secret, taken her art classes, and kept a watchful but comfortable distance. Until now... more

  • Midnight Promises (Midnight #5)

    Midnight Promises (Midnight #5)

    Lisa Marie Rice

    · 12 ratings · published 2015

    In their race for the truth, love must prove more powerful than America's worst enemy… When a gorgeous, bleeding woman on the run falls into the arms of Sean "Metal" O'Brien, the former SEAL medic knows just what he can do. Heal her. Tend to her. Keep her safe. What he can't seem to do is keep his guard up. Something about the haunted, hunted beauty knocks down all his defenses. Felicity Ward is no stranger to secrets... more

  • Midnight Secrets (Midnight #6)

    Midnight Secrets (Midnight #6)

    Lisa Marie Rice

    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    Former Navy SEAL Joe Harris nearly died—twice—on a medevac helo after being blown up by an IED. He’s not moving too great these days, but if there was ever a woman designed to jump start a man’s hormones, it would be his new neighbor. Meeting Isabel—loving Isabel—brought Joe back to life. Isabel Delvaux came from one of America’s foremost political dynasties, until the greatest terrorist attack since 9/11 killed her entire family... more

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