Comanche Series by Catherine Anderson

3.88 · 101 ratings
  • Comanche Moon (Comanche #1)

    Comanche Moon (Comanche #1)

    Catherine Anderson

    · 44 ratings · published 2008

    Orphaned after her parents were killed by Comanches, Loretta Simpson still lives in terror that the warriors will return, her fear so powerful, she is no longer able to speak a word. Hunter of the Wolf believes that Loretta is a woman of ancient prophecy whom he must honor. But Loretta can only see him as the enemy who has kidnapped her, and she refuses to succumb to his control—or his touch... more

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  • Comanche Heart (Comanche #2)

    Comanche Heart (Comanche #2)

    Catherine Anderson

    · 25 ratings · published 2009

    The long-awaited reissue of New York Times bestseller Catherine anderson's "truly spectacular read" (Linda Lael Miller). Years ago, Amy Masters escaped the Texas plains for a quiet life as a teacher in Oregon. Then, out of the shadows comes Swift Antelope, the Comanche warrior to whom she once pledged her heart... more

  • Indigo Blue (Comanche #3)

    Indigo Blue (Comanche #3)

    Catherine Anderson

    · 18 ratings · published 2010

    Back in print after more than ten years. Torn between the white and Comanche worlds of her parents, Indigo Wolf has grown up estranged from the townspeople of Wolf's Landing, Orgeon. No one understands her elusive spirit-until Jake Rand comes to town to act as foreman of her family's ranch. But Jake's real motives are as secret as his true identity, and as personal as his growing attraction to Indigo.

  • Comanche Magic (Comanche #4)

    Comanche Magic (Comanche #4)

    Catherine Anderson

    · 14 ratings · published 2011

    HE WOVE A SPELL AROUND HER HEART Handsome and powerful, with enough Comanche blood coursing through his veins to make him a little bit dangerous, Chase Wolf was used to getting what he wanted. So when Chase saw Franny--a golden-haired angel with deep green eyes, delicate features, and the sweetest smile--he set out to make her his. As tempted as Franny was, she had too many secrets to let someone enter her world--secrets that would send any reasonable man packing... more

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